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Welcome to the Datamax ClientCONNECT Center!

At Datamax, “connecting” is a fundamental component of what we do. We connect technology, of course, but most importantly, we connect with our clients. Whether you’re a new Datamax client or you’ve been with us a long time, we want to ensure you are always connected to the right Datamax resources and the right Datamax people.

From requesting service to IT support, and more, we strive to make the processes associated with managing your technology as convenient and stress-free as possible. This ClientCONNECT Center allows our clients to handle their technology needs through simple online forms, while our dedicated staff remains available to connect with you regarding any of your questions, concerns, or feedback.

For further assistance, or to offer comments on how we can better serve your online needs, please call our ClientCONNECT Center at 501.603.3000 or 1.800.482.5772 or email us. We would like to hear from you!

Thank you for connecting with Datamax!

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Need to download a driver?

The following provides an easy access directory of software driver downloads for our portfolio of office equipment technology.  Please click on the following links for a complete selection of available drivers by manufacturer.