Remote Monitoring

Proactive management prevents network downtime and keeps you working.

Computer downtime is expensive and demoralizing.

No one wants to come into the office in the morning and find the network down – or slow. How often do you notice small problems with your IT and network:

  • Network slowdowns
  • Slow computer
  • Pop-ups on your desktop
  • Downloads take forever
  • Your printer connection breaks and you can't print

These annoying problems waste time and lead to lost productivity and annoyed employees.

Downtime affects your customers too – when your network is down, you can't answer customer questions. Bad customer service can be deadly to business longevity.

And let's not forget your over-worked IT staff. Every network disruption keeps them away from more productive IT work – like improving processes to make customers happier.

Proactive remote monitoring benefits:

Round the clock outsourced remote monitoring removes the burden of network support from your IT staff and ensures that disruptions to your network are minimal or never happen.

The Datamax Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) team continuously (24/7/365) monitors your network and identifies issues BEFORE they can harm productivity. There are many routine tasks that remote monitoring handles for you, including:

  • Monitoring scheduled backups to see that they happen
  • Testing backups to validate they worked
  • Monitor antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall software to ensure they're working

Datamax proactive remote monitoring capabilities:

We keep clear lines of communication with you with proactive alerts. You can create your own alerts to monitor a variety of events:

  • Automated event logs delivered at your defined frequency
  • Hardware and software change alerts
  • Disk space running low alerts
  • Monitor computer online/offline status
  • Server goes down

Many of these alerts allow the Datamax team to work with you to avoid IT infrastructure issues broadsiding you out of the blue, such as running out of disk space or having an idea that a server upgrade may be needed soon. Proactive planning keeps businesses running, employees happy and productive, and customers coming back for more.

We can't promise to foresee every issue – no one can. We do promise to communicate clearly and quickly as we proactively manage your network.

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