Project Management

Well-planned, documented, and delivered document management projects.

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Project Management

Well-planned, documented, and delivered document management projects.

Do you know why many IT projects fail? It’s not because of inadequate technology or poorly defined goals – the biggest reason for IT project failure is lack of project management and planning.

  • Other projects look easier and have an executive sponsor
  • Concern about not having in-house knowledge to complete or coordinate the work
  • It’s too hard
  • Lack of understanding about the benefits of document management and process automation
  • No competent business technology partner

Datamax Arkansas IS your technology partner, and we’ll work with you to answer all of your concerns about those other issues.

It’s time to stop thinking about improving your business processes and make a start on improving them.

We can help you define your requirements as a first step and then move on to implementation if you choose. Here’s more about both of these services.

Requirements Definition Project

What do you really need? What are your business goals? What’s your budget and timeline? Is your current infrastructure robust enough to handle a document management implementation?

You handle business documents, but do you know if those business processes are the best processes? Are they optimized for efficiency are do processes exist because “that’s the way you’ve always done it.”A Datamax Arkansas project will focus on how document management software can be used to increase efficiency by modifying and automating processes. Our Requirements Definition Projects include these activities:

  • Interview key stakeholders to identify corporate vision
  • Interview key stakeholders and subject matter experts to align business objectives with the vision
  • Look for ineffective document processes and for opportunities for improved document handling with or without automation
  • Determine compliance and records management requirements
  • Investigate document storage facilities and software to ensure they can meet regulatory and compliance needs
  • IT infrastructure accounting to determine the company baseline and identify any needed hardware and software upgrades

Based on this information, and more, Datamax Arkansas develops detailed professional recommendations and cost estimates for an implementation project.

Implementation Project

Your DocCare Implementation Project will turn requirements into your new and improved business reality. Our solution delivery methodology includes proof-of-concept development, system design, implementation, integration, and project management.

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