A well-document process to get the best document management solution so you can make better business decisions.

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A well-document process to get the best document management solution so you can make better business decisions.

You need to be able to exploit and use the power of the information contained in your business documents. Paper or digital, your documents need to be well-managed to minimize storage costs, maximize retrieval speeds, and be used in the most efficient and streamlined workflows possible.

Are you ready for ROI? A study from IDC shows that over five years, an investment in a document management solution will provide a return on investment of 404%. Ready to maximize your money?

DocCare Document Management from Datamax Arkansas will allow you to:

  • Input and access information from anywhere,
  • Create and streamline business processes,
  • Decrease administration costs,
  • Collaborate faster,
  • Make better decisions with information at your fingertips, and
  • Minimize filing and archival costs to boost your bottom line.

DocCare - A Well-Documented Process

From introductory Business Process Assessments to comprehensive Business Process Audits, we get close and specific. We have a well-defined process that will identify the efficiencies that can be achieved by automating key paper-based or digital processes that drive your business. We base our recommendations on key stakeholder and subject matter expert interviews, return on technology investment goals, current costs, existing infrastructure, and business goals.

Solution delivery includes proof-of-concept development, system design, implementation, integration, and project management. You get the highest possible return on your technology investment with DocCare.

Here’s a brief outline of our process steps:

  1. Analyze:
    1. Identify and analyze key processes that drive the business
  2. Document:
    1. Document existing processes
    2. Document the supporting infrastructure
    3. Identify associated people, roles, and responsibilities
  3. Recommend:
    1. Streamlined process
    2. Best-in-class technology solutions
    3. Potential staffing modifications
  4. Optimize:
    1. Through continuous process solutions
    2. Through technology and people investments
    3. Through strategic partner planning for the future

Your DocCare Experts

Our staff has the expertise required to deliver state-of-the-art document management solutions. The are Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA+s), Laserfiche-Certified professionals, and Enterprise Content/Business Process Specialists who understand the latest innovations, best practices, and have the experience that will give them insight into helping your achieve real savings and productivity.

Ready to get started with an introductory business process assessment? Want to know more about the value of document management for your business? Let’s talk!

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Julianne, Industry: Tourism

“As the new director of our Chamber of Commerce, I would like to commend Datamax and especially Joshua (our Sales Representative) for his outstanding level of service. Joshua is a very active member of our organization and genuinely cares about the community and clients he serves. Our office utilizes Datamax with Joshua as our representative. Joshua is very prompt when returning calls and emails to answer any questions we may have; and he goes out of his way to check on us and make sure all systems are meeting our needs. Overall, Datamax can't be beat when it comes to customer service. Fortunately, I cannot personally speak regarding technical resolutions from Datamax because I have never had an issue. However, I think that, in itself, speaks volumes! Datamax says they've "Got me Covered" and I couldn't agree more. Their motto is "Creating Raving Fans" and Joshua has certainly created a fan of our office! Without hesitation, I would recommend Datamax to any business looking for efficient solutions to document management."