Multifunction Copiers

Get the right digital copier for your Little Rock office – print, fax, and scan from one device.

Business is about communicating. Inside your company, with partners, and with customers, you rely on documents to communicate.

You need to print, copy, scan, and fax documents. Buying or leasing (and maintaining) single-function equipment can be a pain – expensive, space-consuming, and hard to manage.

One device, the multifunction copier, can do all four tasks for you in a smaller footprint and simplify management and supply issues.

The Digital Copier – Your Office Productivity Hub

Today’s Canon copiers and Konica Minolta copiers can transform your business with productivity enhancements not possible with the photocopiers of the past. To name just a few:

  • Digitize documents to launch automated workflows
  • Scan documents directly to email or cloud repositories to share and collaborate
  • Improve security with pull printing and point of print authorization

What’s the Best Copier?

The best digital copier is the one that matches your document requirements. Many companies just buy a copier (or printer) without thinking through what their real business needs are. So they pay too much for features and speeds they don’t need and won’t use. Or they don’t spend enough and end up with a digital copier that can’t perform the business tasks needed.

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Datamax Arkansas partners with our customers to get you the right equipment for your business needs. Because we offer a complete range of Canon Copiers and Konica Minolta Copiers – we can provide equipment that perfectly fits customers.

We don’t need to hammer a square peg into a round hole and tell you that it’s a good fit. Our network-ready range of digital Konica Minolta and Canon copiers include black and white and color models and speeds from 15 to 100 pages per minute. If you need to print high volumes even faster, check out our production print devices.

What functionality can you expect in a copier today? Features include:

  • High-Quality Output: Color or black and white, documents are crisp and can be enhanced with finishing options such as folding, hole-punch, or booklets.
  • Ease-of-Use: Once set up, many functions can be accessed with one or two touches on the display screen.
  • Personalization: Users can create and access one-touch operations for repetitive tasks on the display panel.
  • Network Ready: Connect to the Internet to distribute scanned documents to online repositories. Office network connectivity allows scan to email, network folder, fax, etc.
  • Print From the Web: Browse and print documents from websites from the display panel.
  • Security: Options such as card readers and on-screen authentication create audit trails and help with privacy and compliance regulations (such as HIPAA).
  • Device Management: Check device status remotely, monitor paper and toner levels, track the progress of print jobs, and more..

Datamax Arkansas multifunction printers and Canon copiers in Little Rock can be backed with our ImageCare Service Agreement. What’s that mean? We’ll take care of any necessary repairs – and we usually have the problem fixed before our competitors even have a chance to knock on your door.

Ready to find the right digital copier for your office?

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