To achieve the IT infrastructure you need, first understand where you are. 

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Technology Assessments

To achieve the IT infrastructure you need, first understand where you are.

If you don't understand your existing network's strengths and weaknesses; it's impossible to create a successful IT strategy for improvement. Trying to is like building a foundation on sand.

We have a process, based on IT best-practices, that allows us to understand where your network infrastructure stands today while planning for what it needs to be tomorrow. We call our enterprise technology assessment system Datamax Discovery

Datamax Discovery provides three must-have insights into your business' use of technology

  1. An in-depth and accurate view of your security infrastructure
  2. How your IT is currently managed and how to improve
  3. Identifies gaps between your business goals and the IT required to make those goals reality

Datamax Discovery in action!

Here's what we do. A Datamax Technology Assessment project digs into Network Risk and Management & Leverage. These two aspects of IT are related, yet different enough that it's important to look at each individually to fully understand your IT infrastructure investments.

Assessments typically have four phases:

  • Scanning
  • Documentation
  • Analysis
  • Validation 

We package our analysis and findings – with our recommendations – in a clear, concise document so that your executives have a clear path to make a decision.

Network Risk Assessment

How at risk is your organization? Is your network set up securely? Are your end points secure? Our risk assessment approach is non-invasive – no agents or permanent software needs to be installed. Unlike other assessments, this means you don't have to worry about firewall issues or application conflicts during the assessment and we finish without leaving a trace on your system.

We access your infrastructure for risk in many ways, including:

  • The state of anti-virus software and end-point security (laptops, mobile devices, digital copiers, etc.)
  • Patch level assessment and a review of workstation and server operating systems – are they outdated and still supported by the software vendor?
  • Do passwords use best practices?
  • Asset reporting

Management & Leverage Assessment

The Datamax TMLI (Technology Management & Leverage Index) measures how well your current technology infrastructure can deliver return on investment. The TMLI is based on:

  • Efficient management of technology
  • How well the technology boosts employee productivity
  • What does the technology cost? Both sunk and ongoing costs (maintenance, upgrade fees, licenses, etc.)
  • Is there potential for higher levels of service availability and uptime?
  • Is there a standard approach to IT procurement?
  • Are management processes in place that work and are repeatable?

Beginning with a Technology Assessment and moving on to a more thorough and comprehensive Technology Audit, Datamax identifies opportunities to improve as well as potential security holes to be closed for nearly every organization we assess.

Do you think your IT and network infrastructure isn't working as well as it could and should be?

Your first step to a secure network and other improvements is a Datamax Technology Assessment. 

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