Document Workflow

Automate manual business processes – stop shuffling paper. 

Did you know workflow software can automatically route digital documents – and track approvals –for nearly any business process? If you’re like many businesses, your processes go something like this:

  1. Open the mail
  2. Walk the document to the right person’s desk
  3. That person approves or acts on the document
  4. They walk it to the next person’s desk
  5. And so on until the process is complete and the document is discarded or stored in a filing cabinet (or scanned into a digital repository

Not much fun is it? Let’s face it – paper can be inefficient:

  • Documents are lost or misplaced
  • They have to be physically moved from person to person
  • If someone is off sick or on vacation, there’s no way to automatically route work to another person
  • Paper is slow

Simply put, document workflow is how paperwork moves through your office and is actioned. Digital workflows can speed up your business processes and make them more accurate. The result – more productivity and happier customers. How much productivity?

Document Workflow Benefits:

Research from Adobe (The Document Disconnect) finds that 72% of businesses say improving their business processes would improve customer service. And there are real examples too:

  • Insurance agents created an electronic process that saved 200 working hours every month; allowing three new sales positions to be added.
  • An engineering company saved half an hour of filing time for every employee every day by implementing a paperless process.

Automated business processes allow employees to focus on their tasks at hand rather than wondering “where are those documents I need?”

The Datamax workflow advantage:

  • Automate document-driven work processes
  • Rules-based routing and monitoring
  • Automatic notifications and status alerts improve productivity and accountability
  • Distribute documents evenly among team members with workload balancing

Why Do You Do It That Way?

Here’s another great reason to look into workflow and process automation – most business’ processes are the way they are not because that’s the most effective or efficient way to do things but because that’s the way it’s always been done.

The first rule of workflow is to never automate a bad process– you’ll just mess things up faster. Moving to workflow software gives you the opportunity to design and then automate EFFECTIVE business processes. (We can help with our Workflow Assessments.)

Datamax Arkansas can address a variety of business process automation and workflow needs across industries and applications with our Document Managment solutions. We offer workflow and automation solutions from Canon, Konica Minolta, Laserfiche, and Nuance. Discover what the Datamax Arkansas business process-based consulting approach can do for your business processes.

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