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Christopher, Industry: Healthcare

“This letter is written in endorsement and support of Datamax and Amanda, Account Manager. Datamax has been a viable and important partner with us here for several years. They have worked with us on equipment purchases and rentals, always ready to provide the best advice and guidance in navigating the sometimes-confusing world of equipment options. Invariably they have delivered the best solutions that fit our needs and budget. We could not be happier with the repeated positive outcomes.

But the initial consultation and sale is where so many companies think their job is done. With Datamax, however, they fully recognize the importance of the relationship and ongoing service needs once you have made an equipment decision. In reality, we have rarely ever had an issue with any of our equipment, but the only time or two that we did, they immediately handled everything to our fullest satisfaction. That is peace of mind that is invaluable to a small nonprofit organization like ours.

To that end, Amanda, our Account Manager, has been nothing short of outstanding in the service she delivers. She routinely calls or stops by, in part to remain in touch and further our professional relationship, but also to ensure we are happy, have no issues, and willing to provide any service or support that we might need. That kind of quality relationship and support clearly separates Datamax from their competitors. As a company they get it, and Amanda is second-to-none in her help and support. I strongly recommend anyone looking for quality office equipment to look no further than Datamax. Their equipment is dependable, they maintain accurate billing, they have experienced service technicians, and their sales and support staff, as embodied by Fox, is simply the best. I recommend them without hesitation or reservation.”
Jeff, Industry: Healthcare

Datamax has been instrumental in helping us with our office technology equipment. Datamax manages our entire fleet of printers and copiers and they a have been a valuable partner to us over the years and always has quick and efficient service.

We sat down with Datamax to see how we could be more streamlined with our copiers and printers. At the time we had a mixed fleet of equipment, some were under a service contract and some were not. Datamax did a walkthrough of our facilities, took our floorplans, and listen to all of our concerns and pain points. Our sales representative, Kristina designed a plan based on our floor plans of how to strategically place our copiers and printers to best serve our staff. We brought the entire new fleet under an all-inclusive service plan to take the headache off our IT team. The equipment has performed above our expectations and is very reliable.

In addition, Datamax has helped consult with us on how to make our office equipment more HIPAA compliant as that is always top of mind to us in our industry. We worked with Kristina who is HIPAA certified and Datamax implementing PaperCut software to better track print jobs/copies, eliminate sensitive information from being left on devices, and cut out waste of paper. This is an invaluable piece of our technology program. Authenticating at our devices insures us that com pliancy is always met here.

We have experienced substantial growth and with that comes building expansions and moves, Datamax service team continually meets our needs as our business models expand. Copier moves and installation are always done with professionalism, timeliness, and to our satisfaction. I personally recommend any company to do business with Datamax as they have; educated sales representatives, timely service technicians, accurate billing, software solutions, and dependable equipment. Datamax has truly been an all encompassing technology partner to us!
Leslie Don, Industry: Healthcare

“We would like to thank Datamax for the dependable service and quality of the Canon equipment. In the past twelve years, I can honestly say that Datamax has gone above and beyond to meet our ever expanding needs. Your service team has always been professional and very responsive in resolving our service demands. We look forward to a long relationship and continued growth with Datamax.”
Ken, Industry: Healthcare

“In a world full of deadlines and day-to-day business needs, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my appreciation to those who help it making it easier. Over the years in working with you, I have purchased office equipment that we rely on to perform at a level of perfection. In times when service is needed, a tech is dispatched promptly. Your supply department is always professional and helpful and I receive my supplies next day most of the time.

Several times a year, Josh (our Sales Representative) contacts me to see if everything is going okay and to see if we have any upcoming needs that Datamax may be able to help with. When I need a quote on office equipment, Josh prepares and has it to me quickly and addresses questions or concerns from our Corporate Office.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the business relationship between our Companies and look forward to continuing it into the future.”
Barbara, Industry: Healthcare

“Since we have signed a lease with Datamax back in the early part of 2011 we have received outstanding support from all aspects of Datamax. From installing all of our equipment, which we have 13 copiers to the ordering of supplies, we have always had great support. We can focus on Patient Care rather than having to take time dealing with copier and fax issues. Our copiers are all used quite frequently and anytime there is a problem Datamax has always responded on a timely matter. We are quite pleased with Datamax.”
Brenda, Industry: Healthcare

“I would like to say thank you for Janet (our Sales Representative) and her help with our recent equipment update. She took the time to learn what our needs were, listened to our wants and advised us of the proper equipment needed for cost and time efficient use. This year, we have upgraded our main copier and the two managers multi use printers. Michael did a great job installing them and Janet has done prompt follow up to assure we were pleased with the units and they were meeting our business needs. It is comforting to know someone is there anytime we need help. During the past 6 years we have used Datamax, Janet has shown time and again what good customer service is.”
Rick, Industry: Healthcare

“I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Virginia (our Sales Representative) and the entire staff and technicians at Datamax. As the CEO of a statewide O&P company, I have been working with Datamax for many years. At first we used Datamax for basic needs, and then progressed to more complex services. Virginia and the entire staff at Datamax are exemplary in their knowledge and service. As a result, we plan to partner with Datamax for years to come. Thanks for all you do to ensure the services of my business and customers.”
Jamie, Industry: Manufacturing

“I appreciate Mason’s (our Technology Specialist's) diligence to see this project to completion. He has relentlessly tackled an impossible project that several techs had failed to complete. I would even argue that he knows our LaserFiche installation better than anyone at our company. It has been a pleasure to work with someone of Mason’s caliber and character! I look forward to a long relationship between our companies. Thank you for bringing people and solutions together that work!”
Roger, Industry: Manufacturing

“Our company has been successfully conducting business with Datamax for over 10 years to date. Due to the successful partnering we have experienced in the past we recently signed a new 5 year lease for our copier needs with Datamax.

Datamax has exceeded our expectations as a supplier by exhibiting fast response time when a problem occurs and most importantly working with us to minimize our costs. During recent negotiations Datamax recommended eliminating unused functions on certain machines which resulted in less costly machines thus saving us money on overall lease cost. We have always used Canon copiers and could not be happier with results.

Their sales team conducts business in a very professional manner and is knowledgeable about their product line. They always respond to emails expeditiously and immediately try to help resolve any issues or answer any questions. The installation team contacted our IT Dept. prior to delivering the new machines to ensure everything would be ready for a fast install. During install they made sure to take the time to explain to each department the operating procedures for their new copier. I would highly recommend Datamax for all of your copier needs.”
Brett, Industry: Manufacturing

“I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Datamax and its entire staff and technicians. I am the IT Director for our a statewide HVAC company, and I have been working with Datamax for over twelve years. At first I used Datamax for our copier and fax needs, and then I made them our primary copier supplier - not just for copiers and fax machines, but for toner and specialty paper. We have also relied on Datamax's well-qualified service technicians. Several years ago I was approached about using Datamax for networking and computer support for our Windows-based servers and workstations. In the beginning, I used Datamax for only a small technical project, but before long, I was using them for more complex issues. Most recently, I used Datamax for the purchase of a large Windows-based server for one our Parts Centers. Datamax has also been easy to deal with for purchasing, planning, and service.”
Timothy, Industry: Manufacturing

“As Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, I started working with Datamax nearly six years ago when our company was assessing our printer and copier needs for our corporate headquarters. Throughout this experience, I was impressed with the Datamax personnel from the sales cycle through the initial installation and the ongoing maintenance. Starting with the sales cycle, our Sales Representative, Virginia, has always impressed me with her focus on understanding our business needs and then letting us know if she had an offering that would address the identified issues. After the sale, the technical support personnel have been professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

Subsequent to our initial purchase at our corporate headquarters, we have used Datamax to address our printer and copier needs at our two out of state manufacturing facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania. In each of these cases, Virginia focused on our business needs and helped us find the best solution, including the securing of ongoing maintenance through local suppliers.

In summary, Datamax has been a true partner for our company in helping us address our printer and copier needs.”
Dona, Industry: Manufacturing

"I am writing this letter in reference to our professional relationship with with Datamax and the level of service they offer to us as a vendor. Trey (our Sales Representative) has always dealt with us courteously and professionally. Our pricing is always fair and our customer service is excellent; problems are resolved effectively and in a timely manner. When we had our new equipment installed, Trey followed up and made sure we had everything we needed and everything was working properly. We appreciate the level of service Datamax has provided and consider Trey an asset to their company."
Mark, Industry: Architecture, Engineering & Construction

"This letter is to say "Thank you!" for the outstanding customer service and support that Datamax has been providing Keith Smith Company since 2011. We became your customer in December of that year and you have not let us down. Whether it is upgrading and improving our entire printing capabilities, repairing a misbehaving fax machine, or finding a printer to fit within a specific space, Datamax always comes through! The personal touches in Sales, Customer Service, and Tech Support are greatly appreciated, and Datamax shines through its investment in quality employees. I must admit I am a "raving fan" all because of our Account Manager Janet. Yes, Datamax has great equipment and services, but she takes it much farther. Her experience has given us excellent, future-proof solutions while being conscious of the cost. She has gone above and beyond many times to help to keep things running smoothly. Janet always enjoys a challenge and whatever the need I can count on her to deliver! Keep up the great work!"
Bruce, Industry: Engineering &

"Our company recommends Datamax for business printing machine leasing and support. We have used Datamax since 2007 for our in-house production equipment, including a leased multi-function copier and a purchased wide-format plotter. Datamax provides the service for both machines. We're a small company, but back then, we were a very small company. Datamax did a great job of presenting options that worked with our budget as well as our existing and projected printing needs. Their service has been consistently responsive and diligent, especially several years ago when a previous copier model's performance became unreliable. Datamax was persistent in pursuing and ultimately delivering a solution in the Konica Minolta we currently lease. Our contract includes toner and service, as well as a set number of copies based on usage, with additional copies billed at competitive rates. This provides budget stability while retaining the flexibility to print occasionally high-volume marketing and project content in-house. As businesses nationwide worked to adapt to Covid 19 challenges, Amanda, our Datamax Account Manager, was proactive in reaching out to ensure our production needs were still being met. Although many of our engineers and technicians currently work from home, our copier still sees frequent daily use, from scanning to production of plans and reports. We trust Datamax to maintain our printing equipment--and our productivity--in the years ahead."
Allen, Industry: Engineering

“We have been a customer of Datamax for over 20 years and our account representative Virginia has worked with us during this entire time frame. Datamax has always been on top of our copying/printing needs and provided us equipment typically that is a very cost effective solution to our printing/copying needs. We have expanded outside of Arkansas to other states which they have been able again to assist us with those branch offices to fulfill our needs at each location. They have always been very customer oriented and will go the last mile to get you what you need and not over-sale a solution to meet your needs. In fact Virginia herself has been very proactive in analyzing our account from a volume usage, maintenance and overall need at least once a year to make sure we have the best cost solution for all of our locations of which we are very grateful and appreciative of. Virginia and Datamax in my experience in working with them have always placed the customer as their first priority to always find a solution that meets their needs whether volume, quality, technical, financial or otherwise.”
Jan, Industry: Architecture

“I have dealt with Datamax since 2008, during which time they have provided our company with excellent support with our printer and copiers. We have just recently leased a new multi-function machine from them. They were very good in listening to what we wanted to do with the machine and gave us several options to review and clearly explained the price points of each. This made our decision of which option to choose much easier. I can confidently recommend Datamax as a leader in their field.”
Brian, Industry: Construction

“As the IT Director of our firm, I would like to take this opportunity to commend Datamax on its excellent customer service. Our problems, when they arise, are handled quickly and by professional technicians. Even though David (our Sales Representative) has only been on our account for a short time, he has stepped into the previous rep's role quickly and efficiently. He's been very good about checking in with us and making sure everything is running smoothly for our firm. I am pleased with the relationship between our companies and appreciate David's work on our behalf.”
Randy, Industry: Education

“Please accept this letter as my personal and professional endorsement of Datamax as an outstanding business partner to our Academy. Datamax has been a valuable business partner to our school since 2005. I have been with our school for 14 years and for 12 of those years I had the privilege of working with lots of the outstanding staff at Datamax.

The Total Solution product that Datamax recommended to us as a solution to our needs is something that has totally exceeded our expectations and continues to meet our needs each year as we have grown. Since the Total Solution is an all-encompassing product, our office staff is not weighed down with the tasks of purchasing and keeping a track printing supplies. The sales and service personnel at Datamax is very friendly and always willing to help with any problem or need that we have had. I have been impressed with their dedication to us as a customer to not only take care of a need but also reaching out to make sure we are more than satisfied with the service and products.

We are pleased to endorse Datamax as a great and valuable business partner for all of your document needs. We have found that our relationship with them has been very beneficial and helped us grow and meet our goals as a school.”
Jennifer, Industry: Education

“Your technician was extremely helpful and patient with me. She explained everything with a smile and understanding. While she has a challenging job, she presented with an extremely calm attitude. Your technician was very professional. She loves her job and represented your company in a positive light. She is exactly the type of employee we all want on our team.”
Vicky, Industry: Education

“I am writing this letter to highly recommend the services that Datamax provides. During the past 8 years we have utilized their copiers and technicians. They offer high quality copiers and excellent service. We can say that we have always been satisfied with their work. We look forward to working with them in the future.”
Christopher, Industry: Education

“Our School has been in business with Datamax for many years, and I have always been very pleased with the services they have and continue to provide. About nine years ago, I was approached about switching over to Datamax for our copier leasing. I was concerned about switching companies but I was invited to tour the facility at Datamax and had copiers demonstrated for us. This was very helpful in my decision to switch to Datamax because it meant to me that our school's business needs were important to Datamax. Nine years later we now lease four copiers.

The reason Our School continues to use Datamax for our copier needs is very clear to me. Simply put, it is because of superior service. If a problem or question arises, all I have to do is make a short call or send an email and we are taken care of. The service from the copier technicians has also been very expedient and the technicians know how to repair their products with minimal downtime. This is very important when a copier is out of service, as educators do not tolerate being unable to copy or print. I appreciate all Datamax has to offer and I applaud them for maintaining an honest, dependable, and knowledgeable staff.”
Kevin, Industry: Education
“Our School District has been using Datamax copiers and services for nearly six years. They have provided quality products and services from day one. When copier service is required, technicians are prompt, knowledgeable, and capable. Datamax is a valuable and critical part of our education process.”
Janie, Industry: Education
“As Executive Director of our school, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company on its great customer service. Your technicians consistently arrive promptly after I have placed a service call and work diligently to resolve our copier issues. In addition, Josh (our Document Management Consultant) checks with me several times a year to ask how our copy machines are performing and if Datamax can help our company become more efficient. We recently added a scanning feature to our copy machines which has really been a helpful feature for our program. I am truly pleased with the working relationship between our organizations and enjoy working with Josh."
William, Industry: Education
“Our County Library has greatly enjoyed doing business with Datamax. My favorite function has got to be the quick turnaround for service. They do much more than just maintain printers. Their networking services are great too. Datamax has specialists in several different areas that have helped with:

1. Projects I didn't want to take on alone,
2. Guiding me through several different problems, and
3. I have also been able to simply turn over projects to Datamax.

It has been nice to have the Datamax team handy. This is a full service tech support company that is not afraid to come on site to repair, train, and provided needed products. We hope to work with Datamax for years to come."
John, Industry: Education
“As Director of our Center, I am continuously dealing with businesses associated with office equipment such as copiers and fax machines. Over the past 7 years our center has been under contract with Datamax. This company is unmatched when it comes to product and service. I have found them to be a professionally run company with customer satisfaction as a top priority. Our Sales Representative is Nita. She works hard to see the needs of our company are met. She visits our site on a regular basis taking time to meet with employees to make sure they are satisfied with their product. Service technicians are quick to respond and very little is lost due to down time. I recommend the services of Datamax to anyone needing office equipment. They will provide the service needed to meet your needs."
Greg, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“Datamax has handled our copier needs for many years and we have been very pleased. We appreciate that they go out of their way to help us meet our needs at the best cost. They come to us and say, "here's have we can save you some money." They are quick to respond when our printer is down with knowledgeable technicians. In a couple of instances when our main printer went kaput, we took our job down to their office and ran it there in order to make a deadline. We appreciate their "whatever it takes" attitude and recommend Datamax without reservation.”
Tami, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“Happy New Year! As we reflect on 2018, we cannot help but to be grateful for you and Datamax. The copier and service you have provided to our church since last year has made such a difference for our church. You and your staff have been instrumental in helping our church make wise financial decisions that embody our strong desire to be good stewards of all God has given us.

The team of Datamax employees who have served our church have been very knowledgeable of your products, extremely friendly, and very responsive and thorough. Kristina, you have always been so very professional and willing to go the "extra mile" to make our church feel special and appreciated as clients. It would be our pleasure to recommend Datamax to anyone looking for a new copier service. Thank you again for serving us so well. We look forward to maintaining our strong relationship with Datamax in the year ahead and beyond.”
Phillip, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“This letter comes to you to strongly recommend Datamax as a business partner. As the director of communications at our Church, I have worked with Datamax for many years and they have provide exceptional expertise, knowledge and service to our entire staff and ministry areas. The team of Datamax employees who have served our church have been very friendly, responsive and thorough. We have had the pleasure of working with several Datamax people and all have done a great job for us. I would confidently recommend John, Mary Nell, Ken, David or any of the Datamax personnel to your company to meet any of the needs Datamax can service that you may encounter.”
Kimberly, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“I am writing this letter as a referral for Janet (our Account Manager), Hot Springs, AR. The wonderful customer service she has provided us as well as her negotiations on our contract with you, Datamax, I must say we are very pleased with our contract. Her hands-on experience, in teaching us how to operate the machine, and for stepping in to help me with a large print job, when I was swamped with other work just after getting the copier and being unfamiliar with it! She has called me at least once a year to check on us and to make sure we were still satisfied with everything. She is friendly, she has a very positive attitude and very warm personality! She has gone far beyond the call of duty to help the client in my opinion. I apologize to her for not sending a letter of referral way before now. Sorry Janet! I am an avid, Datamax fan! I think what you offer in machines and their performance/ (rare) maintenance is outstanding!”
Michael, Industry: Finance

“I have worked in Information Technology for almost 30 years as an I.T. Director, Operations Manager, and Network Administrator. During this time, I have learned one universal truth about outside service providers: They are all perfect, and will do almost anything to get one’s business prior to the sale being made. Once the contract is signed and the commission paid, all too often a different reality emerges in the business relationship. The reality is that there are huge differences among organizations that provide service after the sale.

In this arena Sherry (our Sales Representative), backed by the responsive and technically astute team at Datamax excels. They are on schedule, on budget, deliver what they promise, and go beyond the call of duty every single time. They anticipate needs, understand the concerns of non technical staff, listen well, and come up with creative and cost effective solutions. Most of all they know our business and strive to learn what we are about, our special problems, and what we go through when something does not work right; because we are in a customer service business too.

Sherry has never let me down! She has been here for us during the analysis phase of a business decision, made creative suggestions and handled difficult and varied personalities with poise and grace. The support and care given to us by every member of the Datamax organization has been professional and truly outstanding. I would highly recommend them and their services.

It’s a pleasure working with Sherry, knowing that what she says is what she and Datamax will deliver, with no exceptions.”
Cheryl, Industry: Finance

“I am pleased to recommend Craig, our Document Analyst with Datamax. We have been a customer of Datamax for four years where we have leased a copier/scanner/printer/fax from them. Craig has serviced our account very well. He stays In contact with us to be sure we aren't experiencing any service issues and when it recently came time to renew our lease, Craig presented us with an opportunity to upgrade our equipment. He handled all of the details and made the transition very smooth for us. I would recommend Craig and Datamax to assist you with your copier needs.”
John, Industry: Government

“Datamax has handled our copier needs for many years and we have been very pleased with their service. Their support team is very helpful, when we have printers down they respond quickly, and make sure we are up and running as soon as possible. The automatic toner supply program we have with them keeps the City running efficiently as well. Our rep, Tommy, is always available to help with any need the City might have, and makes sure we get the best price to accommodate us. We appreciate their "whatever it takes" attitude and would recommend Datamax without reservation.”
Brian, Industry: Government

“I wanted to take a moment to compliment the support desk technicians. As you’re aware since COVID-19 began, the IT world became a high priority for everyone, especially government entities like us that weren't really prepared for a pandemic on multiple fronts. I’ve been working a lot with Faraz lately, as well as Patsy, Kenneth and Neal, on multiple tickets for some projects to help us respond to the technical challenges of the pandemic and remote working. This team has been an absolute pleasure to work with, they provide extremely effective communications about what we’re working on, and excellent response times on our tickets. As Lee and Richard will you tell you, I have a history of not giving 5 star tickets in the past for some valid reasons, mainly being I always believe everyone can use some improvement but I have changed that over the last year or so after understanding how the ticket ratings work. So if I was able to give above 5 stars for once, your support desk team deserves a 6 out of 5 for going above and beyond during the pandemic. We greatly appreciate yalls support during this challenging time, so we owe you a big thank you!”
John, Industry: Government

“We just thought that you should know what a great job your employee, Hugh (our Sales Representative), has done for you AND for us. We have been a customer of Hall's Business Machines/Datamax for over 25 years, and we have to say that our relationship has never been stronger. We have to attribute this to your representative, Hugh.

Let us explain. Many Sales Consultants are in it for the short term and for the quick buck. Hugh, on the other hand, seems to believe in creating lasting relationships based on trust and communication. He is there before the sale, during the sale, and long after the sale, Needless to say, with that kind of relationship, he is our "problem solver" as opposed to a "problem creator." He always listens to our needs and helps us find the best solution for our problem. And that solution may not be the one that creates the most income for the company and for himself. Again, this is why we keep going back to Hugh and Datamax.

We don't know Datamax. We do know Hugh. He is the face of Datamax and you could not have a better "face" out in the community. He is timely and professional in all matters. Don't tell him we said this, but we even enjoy his visits when he is just checking in on us. We don't look at these visits as sales calls but more as a visit from a good friend whom we trust and enjoy working with.

We would just like to say thanks for fostering the kind of service provided by Hugh. We look forward to a continued relationship with Hugh and Datamax in the upcoming years."
Sandra, Industry: Government or Governmental Support

“We have been doing business with Datamax and Renee (our Consultant) for more than 10 years. It is always a pleasure to work with her and the group of professionals that have been around to serve us with our computer and technical needs. I would like to say that Renee is not only just a professional sales person but I would also call her a personal friend, one that I would not have had the pleasure to know without using the services of Datamax.  She is very driven when it comes to satisfying her clients and is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to work with and know. In my opinion Datamax is much honored to have such a fine individual working with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Datamax and Renee to anyone in need of computer or technical support."
Greg, Industry: Legal

“If you are considering purchasing or leasing copy machines from Datamax, I recommend them without reservation. In December 2016, we replaced our fleet of Sharp copy machines with Canon copiers. The entire process from proposal through implementation was very smooth.

At the beginning of the process, our Datamax representative, Dave, showed us how leasing a fleet of copiers would be more cost effective over time than buying the machines, the firm’s typical approach.

Datamax monitored our copier usage for several months and then made “rightsized” machine recommendations in their proposal, reducing our need to 10 machines from 11, a definite cost savings.

Datamax spent time in each department interviewing key users to clearly understand our processes and needs.

Finally, and most impressive, was the easy transition to the new Canon copiers - our “live” date was simply a non-event. We heard so little from our users that we wondered if they were using the new machines! We credit this to the simple and intuitive interface on the Canon copiers.

We’ve had little need for service calls on the Canon copiers but when we’ve requested service, Datamax response time and attention to detail have been excellent.

Quarterly reviews have occurred as promised giving us the opportunity to understand our usage and showing trends that will help us make decisions regarding copy services, such as ensuring we have the right equipment in the right location.

All in all, I recommend Datamax and Canon copiers. I am a happy customer, another Datamax “Raving Fan” and am considering other offerings, such as Workflow Composer and Cost Recovery.”
Thomas, Industry: Legal

“I am writing this on behalf of Datamax in general and Kristy (our Sales Representative) specifically. I am a partner in our law firm and a customer of Datamax. In May of this year, we moved into a new office, a renovated Victorian. We had contacted all of our service providers, including Datamax, at least six weeks in advance, and each promised that service would be in place when we moved in.

However, on the day we moved, the only service provider that fulfilled its service obligation was Datamax. Before our copier was delivered, Kristy came to our office to make sure it was delivered timely and professionally. The Datamax delive1y team showed up exactly when they said they would and got the machine up our narrow and steep stairway to the 2nd floor. We were up and running within ten minutes of delivery.

Kristy then scheduled a meeting with one of their technicians regarding the use of the copier. After that, both Kristy and Senior Sales Manager David checked with us on a number of occasions making sure that we were satisfied with Datamax. David handled the transition from our old firm, which involved two new contracts, and he did so professionally and efficiently.

Datamax, Kristy and David were wonderful. They were the sole provider that showed up when they said they would and did the job that we hired them to do at the agreed on price. Datamax, Kristy and David have my unconditional recommendation.”
Joseph, Industry: Legal

“I am a partner of our Law Firm. When we started our firm we leased a copier with IKON. We have since leased a copier from Datamax/Nita (our Sales Representative). We are very pleased with the service we have received from Nita. She is very professional and is always prompt to get a person here to our office if we have any problems with our machines. She always stops by just to check on us to see if there is anything she can do for us. We would highly recommend Datamax/Nita anytime someone asks us about copiers. We are very satisfied with the decision we made to change our business to Datamax.”
Jo, Industry: Dental

“As office manager of a dental provider, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company as its great customer service. Not only do your techs arrive promptly after receiving a service call request, but they are quick, courteous and very efficient. Jason (our Document Management Consultant) checks with me frequently throughout the year to see how our machine is performing and if Datamax can help us in any way become more efficient. I am pleased with the relationship our companies enjoy and have appreciated Jason's work on our behalf."
Sandy, Industry: Insurance/Transportation

“We would like to thank you and your staff for making our print and copier transition a huge success. The implementation and delivery of the equipment was timely, as promised and professionally installed with no disruption to the business throughout the transition period. The employee training and follow up provided by your document analyst, Jason (our Sales Representative) demonstrated that his technical knowledge of our equipment was second to none and any "how to" questions we had were quickly addressed. The post implementation support has been very responsive and effective in successfully resolving all of our service needs. Your company has demonstrated commitment in providing Specialty Transportation with superior service and support. Congratulations on a job well done!"
Janie, Industry: Non-Profit

“For over 15 years, Datamax has managed our office technology equipment. We have 2 primary locations with a fleet of copiers and printers leased and serviced by Datamax. We recently completed a replacement of our entire fleet of copiers and have been pleased with the results. This was the third renewal of the lease with Datamax. The replacement and implementation was completed efficiently. Kristina manages our account and checks on us quarterly for any needs or concerns. We are also able to contact her anytime for any issues that may arise in between the quarterly contacts. We have been pleased with timely service for repairs and problem resolution. Datamax manages our usage and makes recommendations as needed as the lease period comes to an end. Our organization has grown tremendously over the past 5 years and Datamax has been able to respond to our expanding needs by offering recommendations for business solutions. We consider our relationship with Datamax a valuable IT partnership."
Jason, Industry: Non-Profit

“Very seldom do I get a chance to work with an outside company and afterwards feel that the company really cares about what is in the best interest of our organization; this has been one of those occasions. Janet (our Sales Representative) and Jack met with me about my organization's printing needs in Hot Springs. They performed a thorough survey and then presented me with a detailed proposal. The decision was made to implement their Managed Print Services. The service has worked so well in Hot Springs that we have recently implemented it at our six remote centers. The MPS program is of great value to my organization- cost-wise, efficiency, and simplicity. Every Datamax employee I have met has been very courteous and professional. It has been a real pleasure creating a business relationship with Datamax."
Melissa, Industry: Non-Profit

“Datamax is a reliable company that has been supplying /servicing our organization with all of our printer needs for over ten years. Datamax has proven through the years to provide quality equipment and excellent customers service. I would recommend Datamax to everyone!"
Robin, Industry: Computer Services

“I just want to take a minute and express to you how appreciative I am with the way you and the other Datamax staff have worked with me, not only in my office, but in the other companies that I provide IT services for. I love both the Lexmark and the Kyocera printer/copiers. The best thing about them is: the software I work with sees them as Hewlett Packard printers, which means I have had no compatibility issues ... an amazing feat these days!! Please pass my praises on to the other people that you work with - when I have had issues of any sort (which there have been few), someone has always been able to get me a quick answer, and I appreciate it much. Keep up the good work. If you need a reference, don't hesitate to give my name. I am truly a "Raving Fan" of your company.”
Richard, Industry: Public Relations

“Our business has been working with Kristy (Sales Representative) of Datamax for the past few months and we are happy to say we are very pleased with the service we have had and that Datamax continues to provide. Originally our organization owned an old and out of date copier that did not include options for faxing. We had to buy a separate scanner and because of the numerous malfunctions of the old copier, occasionally employees were forced to have to go to a printing service to make sure there work could be completed efficiently.

After we met with Kristy, she explained all that Datamax had to offer, such as copier solution and service. She even demonstrated how the machine worked and taught the other employees how to use it properly. We really felt like Kristy wanted to find us a solution that would work for us, and a few months later we are still thrilled at how many different functions our Lexmark copier offers and how easy it is to use.

Our business chose Datamax for the superior service and practicality of the technology provided. We appreciate knowing that if a problem comes up, all we have to do is call or email Kristy and she makes sure we are taken care of because in our fast pace business, quick response is the key to efficiency and success. We appreciate all that Datamax has to offer such as dependability and a knowledgeable staff and we look forward to our continued relationship with this company.”
Jennifer, Industry: Business Services

“My name is Jennifer and I am the Data Services Supervisor at our company. I am writing this letter to commend the great customer service that has been provided by your company for many years. Our service techs are prompt and provide excellent service. David (our Representative) checks in with us frequently to ensure that our equipment is performing as needed and to see if Datamax can help us in any other way. We worked with Virginia for several years before that and she was also very helpful. I am pleased with the relationship between our company and Datamax and appreciate all the hard work that David provides for our company. I look forward to working with both David and Datamax in the future.”
Walt, Industry: Food Products

“Datamax has been providing our copier needs for over 20 years. We have made several upgrades over that period of time and we have always received excellent machines, wonderful service and competitive pricing. The quality of the people at Datamax is outstanding. This makes it very easy to make decisions when it comes to our copier needs. We have just installed a new machine from Datamax after looking at other equipment and companies. The decision was easy. History speaks for itself. It would be nice if all purchasing decisions could be this easy. I would recommend them to anyone who asked.”
Randall, Industry: Publishing

“Datamax has been one of our most trusted suppliers for a number of years now. Josh (our Sales Representative) has been very helpful from the time we first placed our office equipment. He helped us choose the right printers for our company's needs and has continued to check up on us on a regular basis when others might have made the sale then moved on without another thought. Obviously he and Datamax are our partners for the long haul. On the few occasions that we have required service, it was attended to quickly and professionally with a follow up call to be certain we were pleased with the result. I would have no hesitation in recommending Datamax, and Josh, for anyone's office equipment needs.”
Julianne, Industry: Tourism

“As the new director of our Chamber of Commerce, I would like to commend Datamax and especially Joshua (our Sales Representative) for his outstanding level of service. Joshua is a very active member of our organization and genuinely cares about the community and clients he serves. Our office utilizes Datamax with Joshua as our representative. Joshua is very prompt when returning calls and emails to answer any questions we may have; and he goes out of his way to check on us and make sure all systems are meeting our needs. Overall, Datamax can't be beat when it comes to customer service. Fortunately, I cannot personally speak regarding technical resolutions from Datamax because I have never had an issue. However, I think that, in itself, speaks volumes! Datamax says they've "Got me Covered" and I couldn't agree more. Their motto is "Creating Raving Fans" and Joshua has certainly created a fan of our office! Without hesitation, I would recommend Datamax to any business looking for efficient solutions to document management."

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