Support Desk

Responsive service in everyday language – no geek speak allowed!

Business grinds to a halt or a slow crawl when your network goes down. When your IT systems go down or aren't working 100%, productivity goes down. People can't get their jobs done.

The longer it takes from IT help desk ticket submission to resolution the more time your business wastes. 

A responsive help desk ensures fast resolution of IT tickets AND improves morale – no one likes to wait for hours to hear back from IT.

The Datamax Arkansas promise – rapid response and we make sure you understand us because no one likes to hear a bunch of IT-speak.

Clear Communication.

Support requests often feel like they disappear into a black hole. Not with the Datamax Arkansas Support Desk, the foundation of our service is fast, clear communication. Here's what it looks like in action:

  1. Submit a ticket.
  2. Receive an immediate email response.
  3. Receive a second email when your ticket is assigned – always within 15 minutes.
  4. Receive a phone call – to ensure the ticket is solved ASAP, the support desk resource will call when ready to work on the ticket to clarify points as needed.
  5. Receive written and verbal check-ins until the help desk ticket is resolved.

Our goal is to make the frustration of an IT issue as pain-free as possible.

We use the latest support desk technology so that our remote monitoring managers and technology specialists have 100% visibility into all ticket information. We really do have you covered!

Our plain English Support Desk is included in ourTechCare® Managed Network Services framework. Discover what managed network services can do for your business, visit our TechCare® webpage knowing that your support desk will be the best you'll find anywhere.

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