Workflow Assessments

Have you optimized the RIGHT processes?

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Workflow Assessments

Have you optimized the RIGHT processes?

Are you paying for inefficient business processes?

Ask most companies why they do things a certain way and the response is a shrug and some variation of because that’s the way we do it.

A free workflow assessment is the first step to identifying outdated business processes and replacing them with effective processes.

Some companies make the mistake of turning to workflow or document management software, thinking that technology will fix the problem. It won’t. The only thing automating a bad business process will do is to make that bad business process go faster.

Don’t make that mistake. Business advantage today relies on creative use of company information that’s contained in documents. Using document management and workflow software to automate business processes will help give you a competitive advantage over the competition. You’ll be able to organize your documents, emails, scanned images, electronic faxes, etc.

But First, Assess Where You Are!

To take advantage of workflow software and process automation capabilities, you first need to know where you are. Datamax Discovery is a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system.

Workflow Assessments focus on how your company processes and publishes information, both internally and externally. We begin by analyzing how you process your key documents and share information. Next, we document what we’ve learned, including which people participate in each process at each stage. We then recommend a streamlined process using the technology that will maximize your ROI.

This assessment sets the stage for you to implement technology-enabled workflows that:

  • Speed up information retrieval and distribution
  • Improve accountability and productivity with automatic notifications
  • Realize total control over your business-critical documents

Datamax Discovery Workflow Assessments

Our assessments follow a best-practices-based process that allows us – working together with you – to go step-by-step and provide you with a detailed look at where your processes stand and a plan of action.

Our Workflow Assessment can be broken down into 4 steps:

  • identify opportunities for automating your document-driven work processes,
  • improve the speed of information retrieval and distribution,
  • enhance productivity and accountability with automatic notifications, and
  • maintain control over your business-critical documents.

Are you ready to work more efficiently with streamlined workflows fine-tuned to your business goals? We’re ready to help you. Schedule a free Workflow Assessment below.

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