The Wide Format "What ifs?" 

Do clients come to you with increasingly diverse job requests? Do they expect same-day turnaround?  "Spot-on" image quality? WHAT IF your answer was, "Yes, we can do that!"

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Today’s ever-demanding, ever-evolving print industry is full of "What ifs?"

What if you could get jobs out faster without comprising on quality? What if you could diversify your print repertoire to accommodate what your clients are asking for? What if you could still find a way to cut operational costs while gaining a competitive advantage?

Turnarounds are shrinking while client expectations expand. The print world is changing, diversifying far beyond traditional jobs. Your business growth depends on both your recognition of sweeping industry changes, and also leveraging the potential that comes with today’s wide format printer innovations, from Canon's imagePROGRAF line, Oce's plotwave and color wave, to those like Canon's game-changing UVgel ink technology.

What if it wasn't a question of "if," but "when?" The 5 scenarios below help visualize your full Wide Format Potential!

Print applications continue to evolve, while demand continually rises. We help turn the 'what ifs', like high speed white printing, into realities inside your print operation.

1. What if you could double print speeds, & still maintain image quality?

According to an InfoTrends study, up to 61 percent of all jobs are to be turned around in less than 24 hours.

Meanwhile, print quality is the number one criteria when purchasing a wide format. The need for speed — and superior quality — is real. 

As an example, the Canon Colorado introduces unprecedented speed and precision for 64" roll-to-roll printers, with a maximum usable print speed of 1,710 sq. ft. per hour. UVgel ink technology enables not only instant drying of prints using LED-curing (eliminating drying time), but also extended color gamut and superior color consistency. 


2. What if you could lower ink consumption by as much as 40%?

Let's be honest... ink isn't cheap.

When purchasing a wide format printer, one must obviously account for all costs associated with jobs, from media type to staffing to ink consumption.

Canon's UVgel technology has a much more efficient ink usage across different
media, because the acoustic nozzle testing on the Colorado wide format uses no ink at all. The result? As much as 40 percent less ink consumption.

3. What if your printing capabilities were limited only by your imagination?

As print applications continue to diversify, your creative ideas can run wild — but only if you don't have to compromise on printing capabilities.

The Canon Colorado is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. And with Canon FLXfinish technology, you can print your applications with either a beautiful glossy finish or a luxurious matte finish. From neatly-folded canvas prints to eye-catching front-lits and back-lits, you're limited only by your imagination.  


4. What if you could flip turnaround time from next-day to same-day?

With 61 percent of jobs to be turned around in less than 24 hours, same-day service is the new industry norm.

With high-speed throughout, up to 683 sq. ft./hr., built-in hard drive, border-less printing, and other features that maximize productivity, the Canon imagePROGRAF series increases overall production capacity and reduces job turnaround time.

5. What if you could reduce project-related errors from unclear technical renderings? 

Color plans for architects and engineers can help reduce errors, omissions, and liability.

Applying color construction documents to design-bid-build projects presents a significant opportunity for reducing project-related waste from unclear documentation.

Are you still seeing things in black and white? Cost-effective color is available. And Canon CrystalPoint technology, with its unique "silk shine," adds value to plain paper prints for a wide range of applications: CAD plots, GIS documents, business graphics, and more.


1. Datamax Production Print Assessment

Partner with our Production Print Specialists. The Datamax Discovery Process reviews your current production print job workflows and identifies underlying issues affecting productivity, quality, turnaround, and cost.


2. Datamax Service Support Certification

Datamax is the only service provider in Arkansas to be awarded Canon ATSP and Konica Minolta PRO-TECH, the highest national industry standards of service certification, training and customer satisfaction.


3. Datamax Partnership Review Program

It's not just tactical. It's strategic. Our regularly-scheduled reviews analyze service performance metrics, maximize technology capabilities and reinforce both your return on investment and return on impression.

Our portfolio is wide-ranging.


Canon Colorado

Experience unprecedented print speed, game-changing technology, and a finished product with unmatched quality with the Canon Colorado. Watch the Canon FLXfinish technology video below!


Canon Arizona

Canon Arizona flatbed UV printers are dedicated flatbed systems designed for versatile, high volume production of large format display graphics printing onto rigid substrates. Watch the Canon Arizona video below!


Canon Color/PlotWave

The Canon PlotWave (monochrome) and ColorWave (color) Series of printers integrate copying, scanning, and plotting technology into one productive system. Watch the Canon ColorWave series video below!


Canon imagePROGRAF

The imagePROGRAF series offers speed, flexibility and quality for photography/fine art, signage,  posters, technical documents and more. Watch the imagePROGRAF PRO video below!

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Konica Minolta
MBM Corp

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