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Transform and unite the way you communicate and collaborate with CommCare A Datamax + Intermedia Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Solution.


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CommCare means Communication and Company Cohesion.

Where people work, and how they choose to communicate, continues to transform. Whether employees are at home, at the office, or simply on the go, they need an office communications platform that moves with them.

Datamax + Intermedia's CommCare, an "all-in-one" Unified Communications solution, unifies your many channels for communicating and conducting business - phone system, team chat and messaging, video conferencing, file collaboration and more - under one manageable platform. In an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, it creates the cohesive experience every business user needs to succeed.

Below, discover 5 Key Advantages of utilizing Unified Communications with Datamax.


1. Lower Costs

  • Save up to 50% on monthly phone bill (verses traditional providers)
  • Reduce infrastructure; operating costs
  • Consolidate voice and data on one network
  • Flat, per-user rate with unlimited domestic long distance
  • 90+ enterprise-grade calling features INCLUDED
Datamax Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)

2. Increase Reliability

  • 99.999% financially-backed uptime SLAs
  • East/West Coast redundant datacenters assures reliability and decreases latency
  • Stringent prequalification guidelines and proprietary network testing tools assure reliable connection and crystal-clear voice quality


3. Simplified Scaling & Management

  • Partner orders service according to the number of users; no guessing number of lines needed
  • Ordering additional service is easy and can be done online; no technician or special expertise required
  • Manage service and features using user-friendly control panel portal
  • Scaleable to a large number of users per business
Datamax Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)

4. Increased Productivity & Collaboration

  • Allows user mobile devices to interact seamlessly with the customer’s phone system
  • Anywhere, anytime, on any device - for a more flexible workforce
  • Transcribes voicemail messages to text and/or email, allowing for more efficient voicemail management
  • HD video conferencing and screen sharing empowers collaboration in real time, eliminating the wasted time of back-and-forth emails
  • File sharing & backup ensures collaboration documents aren’t lost

5. Ensure Business Continuity

  • The cloud based automated attendant greets and routes calls and if your desk phones aren’t available, the mobile app is always there for you to receive and place calls
  • Find me/follow me can also be used to route calls to alternate phone numbers in case of a local outage

8 Signs that Say it's Time to Dial Up More Cohesive Communications.

Is your Communications platform working for you, or against you?  Unified Communications means better collaboration, faster access and seamless integration of devices in the workplace and out in the field.

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Phone System

CommCare Phone System Icon

Cloud-based phone service with 90+ calling features, managed from a single web-based portal.


CommCare Mobile Icon

Mobile app makes smartphone an essential collaboration tool, as well as a seamless extension of your desktop phone.


CommCare Desktop Icon

Make calls, share screens, start videos, etc. all from one desktop application.

Video Conferencing

CommCare Video Conferencing Icon

Establish personal connections with remote partners, customers with face to face meetings via HD video.

Screen Share

CommCare Screen Share Icon

Share your computer desktop in real time, in full HD, via web browser.

Remote Office

CommCare Remote Office Icon

Configure a remote desk phone to work exactly the same as it would in the office.


CommCare Phone Icon

Pre-configured phones – with many models to choose from – are delivered to plug and play.


CommCare Voice Mail Icon

Manage and access voicemail from desktop phone or through mobile app.

Presence Indicator

CommCare Presence Indicator Icon

Presence indicator lets you see if a company contact is available or currently on another call.


CommCare Fax Icon

WebFax allows users to receive and manage faxes via the web or email.

File Collaboration

CommCare File Manager Icon

Access files from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tables, file servers and the web.

File Backup

CommCare File Backup Icon

Real-time backup of all files, mobile photos and videos, with point-in-time file restoration.

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