This cloud-based UCaaS solution creates seamless communication for users and integrates all tools (desktop phones, mobile devices, computers) into a single manageable solution.

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Looking to provide users access to communication tools anytime, anywhere, but do so under a single cohesive system? We’ve got Communications covered.

CommCare, the communications-based member of Datamax’s family of next generation technology support services, serves as our signature Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. UCaaS is a cloud-based platform that creates seamless communication for users and integrates all such tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one easily manageable solution oriented toward your organization’s work style.

Amid an increasingly mobile workforce (72 percent by 2020, according to IDC Research), employees are bringing their own devices wherever they go. This presents security and administrative challenges for organizations determined to keep up with technology transformation in the workplace.

CommCare merges a full-feature phone system, team chat and messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, file collaboration, and more, and unifies them under one platform. Administrators can make system or endpoint changes efficiently from one centralized location. With no servers or software to maintain, this cloud-based system allows for a seamless onboarding and migration process. In the case of unforeseen circumstances (such as a weather-based outage), multiple business continuity solutions ensure you’re able to receive and place calls without interruption.

Essentially, CommCare introduces communication cohesion — it reigns together a scattered workforce that’s undeniably on the go.

Datamax CommCare Brochure (v071519.AR)_Page_3What's Included?

Each User Receives:

  • Local phone # with unique extension
  • Ability to have up to five endpoints
  • Inbound/outbound caller ID
  • WebFax
  • Voicemail box with transcription services
  • Mobile app & desktop app
  • Online Meeting with up to 4 participants (30 participant option is available*)
  • 2GB per user ShareSync file share and backup (100Gb per user option is available*)

Each Account Receives:

  • Centralized management of all locations
  • Auto attendant with a direct inward dial phone number
  • Ability to configure up to 10 hunt groups
  • Conferencing: 200 toll-free minutes per month
  • Active directory integration for easy configuration of users
  • Hunt group reporting
  • Enable/disable call recording

What's Our Approach?

Deploying a comprehensive technology initiative like Unified Communications requires a well-conceived, well-managed project approach. That’s where Datamax shines. Leveraging Xpert™ Project Methodology, our project deliverables typically include:

  • Communications Discovery Assessment
  • Communications Requirements Definition (to include current infrastructure viability)
  • Business justification development and ROI identification/confirmation
  • Communications Project Plan creation and implementation roadmap development

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