Print / Workflow Assessments

Our process identifies your relevant business needs and provides solid recommendations and a plan to address them — to get the right results.



Print/Workflow Assessments

Our process identifies your relevant business needs and provides solid recommendations and a plan to address them— to get the right results.

How much do you spend on printing, copying, and distributing documents?

You don’t know if an MFP, Laser Printer, Light Production System, Production Print, or workflow/job automation is what you really need – you just know you need to print, distribute and store high quality documents. You probably don’t even know how many documents you print and copy each year (most companies don’t).

All you know is that you have a hodgepodge of equipment from different manufacturers that are a nightmare to manage. Or you’re under contact with an office equipment provider who sold you a solution that was anything but. And the levels of service responsiveness and productivity promises have not come close to being met. As a “bonus,” your business has grown and the “solution” offered hasn’t been flexible enough to meet those new needs – and your service “partner” hasn’t been helpful in addressing those new needs – at least not without another round of negotiations and larger monthly bill.

Let us help.

We have a predictable, repeatable process – Datamax Discovery™ – that provides a best-practices based deep dive into your current fleet and workflows as well as determining what your needs really are:

  • What devices are in your current print fleet?
  • Equipment usage and workflow patterns
  • Unmet needs
  • Other factors that determine total cost of print and copier ownership
  • And more...

Whether a higher level assessment or an in-depth, comprehensive Print/Workflow Audit, Datamax Arkansas has a proven history of identifying opportunities for productivity and budgetary improvements when it comes to managing and leveraging office equipment and information technology.

More efficiency, less expense, greater responsiveness.

  • “IT spends 15% of their time on printing-related issues.” Could your IT staff be better used working on tasks more vital to business success? Source: IDC
  • “Each employee uses $600 to $1,300 of printing costs yearly, much of that printed/copied output is never even used.” An assessment will help you uncover wasteful document output and reduce it through print rules and other methods. Source: GreenPrint Study.
  • "For the Last 6 months ALL equipment service calls were responded to and resolved in 3:31 hours." Our technicians are FAST (yet thorough) with a First Call Completion (resolution) rate of almost 9 out of 10 service calls whatever the issue. How’s that for responsive service? Source: Datamax Arkansas.

If you’re ready to discover a how much you spend on your current printing practices – and opportunities for streamlining document output and lowering costs – contact us for a Print/Workflow Assessment today.

What Happens During the Assessment? Click here for an explanation. ›