Repairing your copiers and printers fast and on the first call.

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Repairing your copiers and printers fast and on the first call.

Copiers and printers are essential for operating a successful business. Managing such office equipment is difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. Plus, maintaining equipment in good working order and fixing anything that breaks requires training, knowledge, and experience. And, let’s be honest, these are machines with many moving parts – they do break down and have parts that do wear out. It’s just a fact of office life.

The ImageCare program (part of Datamax's MaxCare® portfolio of technology support services) provides comprehensive coverage for all parts, labor, toner, and operating supplies (except for paper and staples). ImageCare also includes the following customer benefits and guarantees:

  • Preventative Maintenance – We will inspect and proactively maintain all equipment to minimize equipment failure and maximize uptime.
  • Fast Service – We will respond on-site to local emergency service calls within an average of 5 hours. In fact, on average, our service calls have been "responded to and completed" in well under 4 hours. 
  • Free Loaner – While infrequent, when equipment doesn’t perform to our standard, we will provide a loaner until a permanent replacement is installed.
  • Equipment Replacement – If we aren’t able to maintain your equipment in good working order, we will replace the equipment at no charge.
  • Lease Upgrade Option – You can upgrade Datamax-leased equipment for a similar or larger capacity model without penalty.
  • Total Satisfaction – If you are not completely satisfied with the performance, reliability, and quality of your new device, you may cancel the agreement at the end of 90 days without penalty.
  • Five-Year Written Agreement – Our programs are guaranteed for five years – in writing – for your total satisfaction.

The Local Advantage

We’re local – and that has advantages. That means we don’t have to check with a centrally-located partner two time zones away for how to repair your printer or copier. We do what needs to be done quickly.

Our commitment is to make you a Datamax Raving Fan every step of the way. And we’ve got the data that says we’re good at doing that.

So, how likely are our clients to refer us? We are proud to say that our average Net Promoter Score (NPS)® is 92.9 (since 2012).

World-class local service. That’s the Datamax Difference.

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