Managed Network Services

Let us take care of your IT infrastructure. Datamax is a 15 Year Microsoft Gold Partner.

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IT Managed Services for your Network

Let us take care of your Little Rock IT infrastructure.

We support and manage your network and other IT infrastructure so you don't have to. Better yet, we use plain English – no geek speak – to explain our IT managed services to you.

As technology has become easier to use, that surface simplicity hides a complex weave of connections between the software applications, server hardware, office equipment, and user devices that run your Little Rock business.

Are you an IT expert? Do you understand the nuances of network security? Do you have an established process in place to identify threats, opportunities for improvement, and plan for the future? What about backing up data? Of course not, you're an expert in your industry, whether that's healthcare, government, the legal profession, education, etc. You know the best way to run your business.

So why do you think you need to know the best way to run your network and other IT? You don't.

We focus on solving customer problems so that they can simply get to work without worrying about their network.

The Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Network Management:

Relying on an overwhelmed internal IT team to manage your network can lead to security breaches, data loss, and prevent your IT team from focusing on improving your business.

  1. Overwhelmed Internal IT Resources and Lost Opportunities 
    Does your IT person visibly cringe when they hear “the network is down” or “I think I need to update my anti-virus software”? Information technology is complicated – email support, Internet security and firewalls, anti-viruses, backing up data, smart phones, and more. It's hard to master the details of all IT managed services. Outsourcing technology that doesn't add to competitive advantage allows your IT staff to research, develop, and implement programs that give you a leg up on the competition.
  2. Reduce Labor Costs 
    IT staff have highly valued skills and can be expensive to hire. They can also be lured away, leaving your already stretched thin staff to cover their tasks until a new hire can be made – who may not be as effective. An outsourced IT managed services partner in Little Rock always has qualified and certified IT staff on hand to cover your needs.
  3. Reduce Risk and Increase Security 
    An IT managed services partner will proactively update security patches and anti-virus software. No more risks of data breaches because your IT guy went on vacation and your anti-virus software wasn't upgraded for two weeks.
  4. Experience
    An outsourced partners staff is composed of IT professionals dedicated to network security. They have training and certifications in-house staff don't often have because they are focused on one aspect of IT.

Datamax Little Rock MNS Benefits:

  • 24x7 remote monitoring and system management.
  • Software licensing administration and documentation.
  • Protection from key IT team members leaving and IT staff turnover.
  • Technology guidance that isn't biased and is focused on your business needs.
  • An emphasis on clear communications.
  • Team-based approach to problem resolution speeds IT ticket completion.
  • Proactive system maintenance and performance monitoring decreases downtime.
  • Freedom to focus on strategic IT projects.
  • Training helps end users maximize their use of software for daily desks, ensuring your business gets the most from its investment.

The Datamax Arkansas MNS program, known as TechCare, consists of four key parts:

  1. End user outreach and support.
  2. Advanced monitoring.
  3. Proactive network administration.
  4. Virtual CIO services.

Outsourcing isn't new.

As Internet speed has increased, virtualization technology has improved, and remote management tools have grown more capable; outsourcing IT managed services and network management is more viable and simpler than ever.

Businesses are often worried about lack of control or think they need to do it themselves. Do you have more control when you're worried about your IT staff leaving for greener pastures or when your network is in the hands of experts who's only job is networks and security? Nearly 70% of IT spending is for “lights on” technology. Let us keep the lights on for you so you can focus on your competitive advantages.

4 Characteristics of a great MNS Partner.

Experience and innovation.

They have a track record of success, and customers willing to serve as references for them. They have provable and repeatable metrics for tracking their service delivery and you can rely on them to stay in business.

Expertise and certifications.

Is your partner in productive partnerships with technology vendors? Look for an IT managed services partner with experience and relationships with vendors as shown by certifications. A partner who works closely with vendors will have access to support and training unavailable to others. Look for professional certifications among the partner's technical team. A focus on continued education is a good indicator of a company that keeps up with the constant changes in IT.

They understand YOUR business.

Your partner needs to understand technology. However, if they don't understand how technology can be used to enhance and support your Little Rock business, they aren't the right partner for you. Look for a partner who will use plain English to explain the proposed IT solution to your business challenges, within your budget and timeline. Look for a partner that doesn't use IT jargon to “communicate”– say no to geek-speak!

Clear communication.

Look for a partner who is accessible and has a dedicated team for support. A business-oriented support team and project manager are both key factors for successful IT managed services and implementations.

Let us keep the IT lights on for you. We are a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner and our team of technical specialists has decades of experience in Little Rock. Our TechCare program can help you reduce costs, minimize downtime, improve network stability, and allow you to focus on doing what you do best –running your business. Let's talk!

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Brett, Industry: Manufacturing

“I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Datamax and its entire staff and technicians. I am the IT Director for our a statewide HVAC company, and I have been working with Datamax for over twelve years. At first I used Datamax for our copier and fax needs, and then I made them our primary copier supplier - not just for copiers and fax machines, but for toner and specialty paper. We have also relied on Datamax's well-qualified service technicians. Several years ago I was approached about using Datamax for networking and computer support for our Windows-based servers and workstations. In the beginning, I used Datamax for only a small technical project, but before long, I was using them for more complex issues. Most recently, I used Datamax for the purchase of a large Windows-based server for one our Parts Centers. Datamax has also been easy to deal with for purchasing, planning, and service.”
Sandra, Industry: Government or Governmental Support

“We have been doing business with Datamax and Renee (our Consultant) for more than 10 years. It is always a pleasure to work with her and the group of professionals that have been around to serve us with our computer and technical needs. I would like to say that Renee is not only just a professional sales person but I would also call her a personal friend, one that I would not have had the pleasure to know without using the services of Datamax.  She is very driven when it comes to satisfying her clients and is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to work with and know. In my opinion Datamax is much honored to have such a fine individual working with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Datamax and Renee to anyone in need of computer or technical support."
Bob, Industry: Food Services

“Datamax has serviced our account since 2003 and have been with us as we grew the automated part of our business. From new server installations, email solutions, work station configurations, cell phone data problems, they have been able to provide assistance from A to Z. They have responded promptly to issues we have had and looked for the most efficient way to resolve them. Their sales staff and operations personnel have continued to keep me informed of new technologies as they become available and how they can be utilized in our business. Datamax is a great partner to have on our team.”