The Print Assessment — your first step in real cost recovery.

Is printing an auditable item on your P&L? At 1 to 3% of revenues – it should be. A Datamax Print Assessment will uniquely shed light on your real print expenses. 


Do you keep buying reams of paper, printing in color, while considering such costs just another “everyday expense?”

Printing remains an everyday activity for routine business workflow today. But the everyday expense that comes with that shouldn’t continue to go unexamined. Total printing costs for many companies consume up to 3% of annual revenue; such a number solidifies the value in analyzing printing behaviors, assessing the cost of supplies and maintenance, and discovering a better, more cost-effective way to manage your print environment.

Take your first step in real cost recovery with a Datamax Print Assessment.

Consider these 3 print-related stats.

  • IT spends 15 percent of its time on printing-related issues (IDC).
  • A Fortune 500 company can save 800 tons of paper per year (annual savings of $7.7 million) by implementing duplex print as default. (HP)
  • Hard, visible costs are only about 10% of the total document cost. (ALL Associates Group).

Expect a positive impact on IT, the environment, and your profitability.

  • Refocus on core IT initiatives, reduce help desk calls, and increase print intelligence.
  • Use recycled toner cartridges, reduce paper usage and waste, and minimize power consumption.
  • Increase print cost visibility, improve asset management, and consistently reclaim your bottom line.

Are you ready to gain insights into what you're spending on print? To learn more about what a Datamax Assessment looks like, read our blog "What is Included in a Print Workflow Technology Assessment?" Reduce waste. Cut costs. Schedule your visit with a Datamax Print Specialist today!