Print Assessments

Printing expense is often 3% of revenue – is it on your P&L?

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Print Assessments

Printing expense is often 3% of revenue – is it on your P&L?

A print assessment will identify your print assets, uncover hidden costs of printing, and show opportunities for improvement.

Many businesses think “it's just printing” and keep buying reams of paper and toner; ignoring how much they're spending – often wasting – on printing.

Why Spend 3% of Revenue on Printing?

Total printing costs for many companies consume 1% to 3% of annual revenues. Why so much? Because businesses don't take the time to slow down and avoid costly mistakes – spending too much or too little for equipment, ignoring the costs of printing in color when not needed, not understanding how to buy supplies, poorly negotiated maintenance contracts, not to mention simply not understanding what your real document output needs are.

The Datamax Discovery Process

We have a comprehensive process created by our print experts that we use to assess your current print environment AND discover your real needs. Our step-by-step process ensures we leave no stone unturned as we look for efficiency and cost-savings in your print environment. And we KNOW that nearly every organization can improve their bottom line with a strategic plan to control their print costs.

When we engage in a print assessment (which can lead to a managed print services engagement), Datamax Arkansas looks to:

  • Stop new equipment purchases until a plan is in place
  • Locate all print devices, print and copy volume (overall and for individual printers and digital copiers)
  • Create a print strategy that matches equipment to document output needs (print, copies, and fax)
  • Suggest perfect placement of equipment for best productivity

Real Impact on IT, Profitability, and the Environment

  • IT spends 15% of it's help desk time on printing-related issues (Source: IDC). When your print fleet is matched to your business, print-related help desk calls drop and your IT team can focus on core IT initiatives.
  • Hardware and supply costs are only the tip of the iceberg for print costs (about 10% of total document costs according to ALL Associates Group). A print assessment exposes opportunities for adding print rules to reign in uncontrolled printing and shines a light on out of control and outdated supply acquisition to add back to your bottom line.
  • Printing double-sided, recycling toner cartridges, less paper usage, and lower power consumption (through less printing and equipment consolidation) all are good for the environment and green initiatives AND saving money.

Once finished with an assessment or a more in-depth print audit, it's then up to you to engage with us for buying, leasing, or partnering with us in a managed print services engagement. We'll deliver our best-practice recommendations to you in an easy-to-digest report.

Are you ready to learn how much you really spend printing and copying documents? Our managed print consulting experts are ready to help identify how you can spend less and do more.

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