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Rules-Based Printing

Save money and reduce waste with intelligent printing rules.

Rules-based printing allows companies to manage print jobs to reduce waste, increase security, and trim costs.

Consider wasted documents and security issues:

  • How many emails are printed (there's rarely a reason to print an email)
  • How often does a print job get “stuck,” a user becomes impatient and pushes “print” multiple times, and the identical job is printed five times?
  • How many documents are needlessly printed on (more expensive) color printers?
  • Do co-workers pick up each others' print jobs when they're in a huge stack on the output tray? How much sensitive customer information is exposed that way?

Print rules are one of the simplest and easiest ways to save money on printing – they can even help with your company's green initiatives.

What's a Print Rule?

Using software, you can set certain thresholds for what can be printed, on various devices, and by whom.  Here are a few common examples of print rules: 

  • Default printing set to double-sided printing
  • Black and white is the default choice
  • Prevent emails from being printed
  • Enable walk up printing for enhanced security
  • Automatic routing to the most cost-effective printer
  • Restrict printing rights by individuals and/or by roles in your company

You can discover more print rule examples by clicking here

If you're tired of seeing wastebaskets full of wasted paper, it's time to look into intelligent printing. 

Not only is this good for your bottom line, it's good for environmental/green initiatives put in place for corporate responsibility. And print rules are a key piece of print accounting

Reduce waste. Reduce costs. Talk to your Datamax Arkansas representative today to start on the path to smarter printing.

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