Managed Print Services

The perfect mix of copiers and printers for your business – and you don't have to lift a finger.


The perfect mix of copiers and printers for your business –  and you don't have to lift a finger.

Too many businesses think that buying or leasing another device, paying for repairs, purchasing supplies, or putting up with your IT staff STILL troubleshooting the's just the cost of doing business.

It's not.

Managed Print Services is an engagement that helps your organization take back control over your print environment, and also regain visibility of all print activity. It's also a proven strategy: According to IT analyst firm Gartner, an MPS engagement reduces print costs by 10% to 30% for nearly every business. It's hard to track how much you print so that you can measure and quantify the cost. A managed print services strategy will uncover those costs – and discover possibilities to streamline document processes.

Control print costs with Managed Print Services.

Our MPS program, PrintCare, is a four-step process to stress-free print fleet management:

  • Stop acquiring equipment (at least until the strategy is developed)
  • Discover everything about the printing environment – usage, supplies, maintenance, and more
  • Manage and create a print strategy
  • Optimize all print assets for “just right” printing and copying – not just once, but each quarter, so that you're agile enough to shift to meet your growing business needs

No more just buying printers.

Managed print services mean you have the right mix of laser printers, copiers, and fax to meet your document output needs. This equipment is placed in the perfect locations to maximize office productivity and equipment use. Toner can be delivered on a just-in-time basis, without you having to remember to order it. 

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with Managed Print Services.

Digital copiers and printers are complex pieces of machinery AND software. They need regular maintenance and do break down. Rather than relying on outdated break/fix models of repair, MPS gives you the option of inclusive maintenance and repair. Call one number; we fix it. And we fix it on the first try and we fix it fast – limiting downtime.

Learn the where, when, and why of Managed Print Services.

As you begin to think about and consider MPS for your business, keep the three Ws in mind. Beyond buying or leasing a copier, the decisions become complex and can make your business bottom line and productivity better or worse. Do you have the knowledge to understand all of these nuances?


Location matters. The perfect placement of printing devices is a key part of maximizing print efficiency.


Equipment ages and becomes outdated. Companies grow and need additional capability. Without managed print services, companies upgrade and add new devices without a plan – should old devices be replaced or can they be moved to a new location and still used? Without a strategy, businesses grow a tangled mess of office equipment from different manufacturers and even purchased from different companies. Avoid this management nightmare. An MPS partner will work with you to determine a sustainable and cost-effective upgrade path.


Removing small, expensive-to-operate desktop printers and replacing them with more robust printers and digital copiers makes employee printing more productive, secure, and cost-effective. Reducing the number of devices and strategically selecting devices from a smaller number of manufacturers simplifies training and allows better service and maintenance. Outsourcing maintenance also frees your IT staff from having to spend time on print-related help desk tickets , which takes up to 15% of their time.

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