Managed IT Services: You can consider IT done.

Having a robust, secure IT network isn't optional today. Investing the time, resources, and expense to deploy and manage it yourself IS.


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IT infrastructure is essential, but less of a competitive advantage — today it's “lights on” technology. So what is essential?

What WILL give you a leg up on the competition is no longer having to devote time and resources managing IT infrastructure that you can easily outsource. No longer worry about data backup, or if you can afford the in-house expertise you need, or if you're missing out on best security practices. 

Managed Network Services allows you to focus on what you do best — running your business. We handle the rest. The following are a few questions to consider...

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1. Is your network secure and stable?

Think hackers only target Fortune 500 companies? Think again. Research shows that 63% of SMBs have been attacked at least once. Hackers like easy, low-hanging, unsecured fruit – like most small and medium business' networks. Ransomware and phishing attacks are real dangers and can lead to lost revenue and loss of trust (and customers). However, with proactive monitoring, attempted intrusions are caught before they can harm your business and patches to anti-virus and firewall software are applied promptly.


2. Tired of waiting forever for help desk “help”?

What's the first thing you think of when you hear “IT help desk”? Likely, it's some variation of “not helpful” and “slow.” In-house IT staff have to deal with everything – and sometimes they might even take a day off sick or go on vacation.

Internal troubleshooting can take time because there's so much on their plate. And work stops when the network goes down. An outsourced IT help desk is always fully staffed and responsive.

3. Are you getting the most from your network?

Is your network running as fast and efficiently as it should? Are all patches and updates applied quickly? Do you monitor inside your network as well as for perimeter security? Many attacks begin from inside your network, so you can't turn a blind eye. If you expand your business, how quickly could you expand your network? Would your security be able to keep up? Managed network services ensures the most bang for your IT buck.


4. Are you afraid your IT staff will quit?

IT professionals, good ones, are in high demand and limited supply. They also command premium salaries because of their expertise. Can you afford to staff your IT needs adequately with your budget? If you do, what happens if a key IT team member leaves for a better offer? Having to scramble to outsource that person's duties – or add their workload to existing staff – can work in the short-term. Outsourcing means you don't have to worry about these staffing questions any longer.

5. Does your IT team think strategically?

If your IT team is over-stretched just dealing with the day-to-day details of keeping your IT running, they probably don't have the time to sit down and think about the long-term direction of your IT. Do you have an upgrade path to the future as current infrastructure ages? Budget? Planning? A managed services partner can help you with strategic planning or free up your own staff to do it themselves.


6. Are your users proficient with key software applications?

TechCare® University is a supplemental program under the Datamax TechCare® Managed Network Services (MNS) offering and represents an affordable way for employers to deliver ongoing online software training for their team members.

Our web-streamed software training, powered by the KnowledgeWave® Training Platform, is user-paced with a line-up of the most popular business applications.

Is finding a quantifiable method for improving your firm's technology infrastructure important to you?

If so, consider letting Datamax take the lead with a Technology Assessment. Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system known as Datamax Discovery™, we can help establish quantifiable, standardized benchmarks which are then scored to allow senior business executives to begin assessing, and managing, their technology infrastructure as a whole.

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