Mobility Print

Wherever your work occurs, hitting 'print' is still essential business.

While Work from Home and hybrid workforce trends remain a relevant discussion for any business right now, home print volumes are on the rise. According to a Dec. 2021 Quocirca study, 63% of respondents are printing more at home than they were a year ago. Additionally, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offensive over the past decade, paired with employees’ increasing desire to work effectively on the go, forces administrators to potentially reevaluate their print game plan.

The ability to print should go wherever your employees are going at the moment — and also accommodate whatever device they're working on.

What is Mobility Print?

Mobility Print, as part of a Print Management engagement, allows you to print from wherever you work, with whatever device you’re working on, and do so conveniently and securely. Introducing cloud print functionality to your workplace makes everyday printing habits more relevant to today’s hybrid workplace.

What advantages does Mobility Print provide?

  • Print from any network-connected device via mobile app
  • Auto-install print drivers to print from Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, Windows, and more!
  • Harness the cloud to print remotely and outside the network
  • Send jobs and metadata via an encrypted peer-to-peer connection
  • Hit CTRL+P right in the device’s interface for simple printing

When it comes to business today, print is staying put — but your employees aren’t. To get your conversation started about introducing Mobility Print, click below!

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