PrintCare: Control your output. Contain your costs. 

With PrintCare, Datamax's Managed Print Services (MPS) Program, all you do is press 'print.' We'll handle the rest.


Are you controlling print activity? Are you spending too much on print output? Let's find out — and then make improvements. 

With PrintCare, we've got you covered from end-to-end when it comes to planning, implementing, and managing your printers and digital copiers. Even as paper use declines in many businesses with the growth of digital documents, companies spend up to 3% of revenue each year on printing and copying documents.

PrintCare will help you understand your print spending, create a strategy to maximize your productivity while minimizing your costs, and remove day-to-day worries of supporting printers and maintenance from your overworked IT staff.

Printers, processes, and documents – we've got it covered.

What's included with PrintCare?

Comprehensive Fleet Management

We work with you to determine the right mix (and placement) of office equipment (digital copiers, printers, faxes, etc.) for your business. Then we manage those devices for you.

  • Quick Response and Resolution – We have a five hour onsite service response time for all devices
  • Onsite Service and Parts – When equipment breaks, we fix it; everything needed to keep your fleet running smoothly
  • Print Asset Monitoring and Tracking – We use PrintView Remote Device Management to monitor and respond to service requirements (sometimes before you know you even need service
  • Asset Optimization – Because you have the right mix of equipment, operating life of your assets increases, assets are physically located for maximum productivity advantage, and maintenance and other costs decrease
  • Electronic Meter Reading – Software automates the reading and submission of your meters for all of your print assets, increasing reporting accuracy and relieving you of the tedious, manual task of doing it yourself

Simplified Supplies Management

Never run out of toner again. 

  • Managed Supply Replenishment – Printing supplies delivered to you when you need them (you do have to buy your own paper though!)
  • Onsite Supply Inventory Management – For a large fleet or campus installation, Datamax can provide an onsite inventory of supplies

Flexible Contract Management

  • Consolidated Invoices – Your billing is more predictable because you're invoiced on a fixed cost-per-page, which also simplifies expense management
  • Quarterly Fleet Review – Every quarter, we get together to review usage and performance to ensure we're exceeding expectations
  • Print Asset Replacement, Add-Ons, and Removals – Datamax reviews page volumes and will propose options to upgrade – or downgrade – equipment to match the actual print volume

How do you (we) manage change?

Change is hard. Datamax Arkansas understands the dynamics of change in the office – especially when it comes to your office equipment. A managed print program isn't always accepted with open arms by employees because it requires them to change how they work.

To ensure that your MPS rollout proceeds smoothly and is accepted by your employees, we work with you on a change management strategy as well.

When it comes to controlling print output to contain print costs, you can do better. Click below to start a conversation with a Datamax Print Specialist. 


Jason, Industry: Non-Profit

“Very seldom do I get a chance to work with an outside company and afterwards feel that the company really cares about what is in the best interest of our organization; this has been one of those occasions. Janet (our Sales Representative) and Jack met with me about my organization's printing needs in Hot Springs. They performed a thorough survey and then presented me with a detailed proposal. The decision was made to implement their Managed Print Services. The service has worked so well in Hot Springs that we have recently implemented it at our six remote centers. The MPS program is of great value to my organization- cost-wise, efficiency, and simplicity. Every Datamax employee I have met has been very courteous and professional. It has been a real pleasure creating a business relationship with Datamax."
William, Industry: Education

“Our County Library has greatly enjoyed doing business with Datamax. My favorite function has got to be the quick turnaround for service. They do much more than just maintain printers. Their networking services are great too. Datamax has specialists in several different areas that have helped with:

1. Projects I didn't want to take on alone,
2. Guiding me through several different problems, and
3. I have also been able to simply turn over projects to Datamax.

It has been nice to have the Datamax team handy. This is a full service tech support company that is not afraid to come on site to repair, train, and provided needed products. We hope to work with Datamax for years to come."

Robin, Industry: Computer Services

“I just want to take a minute and express to you how appreciative I am with the way you and the other Datamax staff have worked with me, not only in my office, but in the other companies that I provide IT services for. I love both the Lexmark and the Kyocera printer/copiers. The best thing about them is: the software I work with sees them as Hewlett Packard printers, which means I have had no compatibility issues ... an amazing feat these days!! Please pass my praises on to the other people that you work with - when I have had issues of any sort (which there have been few), someone has always been able to get me a quick answer, and I appreciate it much. Keep up the good work. If you need a reference, don't hesitate to give my name. I am truly a "Raving Fan" of your company.”