Clear customer communications and state-of-the-art network management – we've got IT covered.

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From responsive support ticket resolution to reliable end-user communication—we’ve got IT covered.

At Datamax, we think outsourcing is a smart business decision – providing companies with the all-important freedom to focus on their business, not their technology. When it comes to technology management, we believe it starts with clear, consistent communications and continues with the technical expertise to ensure maximum network uptime and ironclad security for you.

You grow when you align your business goals and objectives with the right technology infrastructure. Working with you, we help you grow.

And as you grow, our flexible, scalable, and secure IT network offerings keeps pace with you –ensuring that your technology never lags behind your business.

Ready to start growing? TechCare from Datamax Arkansas could be your growth engine. TechCare® is a comprehensive Managed Network Services (MNS) offering that provides top-tier guidance for achieving a robust and reliable IT infrastructure while ensuring predictable IT expenses. With TechCare (MNS) engagements, Datamax-certified network consultants take a long-term view of network operations, fine-tune server performance to optimize system functionality, and resolve end-user workstation issues.

What Is TechCare®?

TechCare® is a bundle of services that keeps you from staying up at night worrying about your IT. These services include:

Remote Systems Management & Configuration

  • Leveraging TechView, the latest in remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, we offer 24 X 7 monitoring with 8 X 5 network management ensuring the highest in IT uptime
  • Our system includes real-time alerts, reporting, and IT ticket management

Servers / Workstations / Laptops & Network Hardware

  • We ensure all associated equipment and network components are functioning in a manner that maximizes productivity within your network infrastructure.

Fire Wall / Security & Antivirus

  • We ensure your systems are protected and monitored at all entry points to shield your organization from computer and Internet threats.

Remote Support Format / Alternative Onsite Support Offerings

  • Our team of network engineers will work remotely to address and resolve basic to complex issues – incorporating proactive and responsive IT support best practices.
  • We can also provide on-site response capabilities for organizations that prefer local support.

Ongoing Reporting

  • We document and analyze network activity and use quantitative information to troubleshoot and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Updates & Upgrades

  • We will also work closely with you to fulfill all necessary network-related system updates and upgrades so that you can enjoy the latest benefits they offer.

Online User Training: TechCare® University

  • We provide user-paced, Web-streamed software training for popular business applications within our Managed Network Services offering.  From short task-oriented videos that help users solve a specific software problem, to comprehensive courses that advance software skills more dramatically, Datamax will recommend curriculum plans to maximize user software efficiency.

Client Outreach – Expect Clear Communication.

There's nothing worse than signing up for a service and then your service “partner” goes into hiding. We don't. Our goal is absolute customer satisfaction. We take great pride in our service and believe it elevates us above the competition.

We try to make it look simple, but IT is anything but. Technology service partners fail their clients in one (or more if you're unlucky) ways:

  1. Downtime due to mismanagement.
  2. Data loss due to mismanagement.
  3. Poor communication.

Nearly all service providers work hard at the first two items. However, taking communications for granted can be a recipe for disaster.

We avoid communication breakdowns with a communication strategy that includes:

  • Service level agreements that focus on communication metrics,
  • A ticketing process designed to keep clients updated,
  • Customer surveys on every completed support desk ticket to help us continually improve,
  • Client outreach program,
  • Crisis communication plan,
  • Team-based communication training, and
  • In-person business reviews.

We promise not to keep you in the dark – ever. And we promise to keep your network lights on!

If you are interested in more information about a Managed Network Services (MNS) engagement or are thinking about a change, consider Datamax. As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, our seasoned team of technical specialists possesses decades of experience, and through TechCare, can help you cut costs, minimize downtime, and improve stability within your network infrastructure. Caring for IT infrastructure – with Datamax, you can consider IT done.

From imaging technology to information technology support…We’ve got IT Covered.

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