Secure Print

How do you keep printed documents away from prying eyes?

An often-overlooked security vulnerability could be sitting on your paper tray right now - a printed document that remains unclaimed. It could be confidential employee data. It could be your company’s business plan. And it can certainly can expose personal data, fail compliance measures, and tarnish your company’s reputation.

Secure Print is a printing methodology that requires the end user to release the job literally at the device, via Authentication (PIN# or ID card). With enhanced features that come with a Print Management engagement (like Pull Printing), users can access print jobs from the device of their choosing, and even make last-minute tweaks to the print job before releasing.

Secure documents With Secure Print.

  • Protect confidential information in a workgroup setting
  • Keep print jobs separated from other users
  • Save costs by eliminating jobs left at the print device
  • Configure the timeframe in which a print job is deleted.
  • Activate directly inside existing print drivers
  • Meet compliance standards

Print from anywhere with Pull Print.

With a Print Management engagement, doors open up for robust management and user convenience. As an example, Pull print functionality enables print jobs to follow users from one device to another irrespective of location or make or model. This feature has many names: My Print Anywhere (uniFLOW), Find-Me-Printing (PaperCut), Print Release (Lexmark), FollowMe Printing, etc. However, it offers users the convenience to print from the supported device of their choosing.

  • Empower remote workers with BYOD/mobile device printing 
  • Change print settings at the device to avoid sending job again
  • Retrieve documents conveniently at the device of your choosing
  • Ease administrators’ burden with single queue printing

Keep documents away from prying eyes. Shore up your print security. Get a Secure Print conversation started with a Datamax Print Specialist today!