Creating Raving Fans®

We don't want you to like us. We want you to LOVE US!


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We don't want you to like us. We want you to LOVE US!

You can't fake enthusiasm and truly caring about customers. And when you combine that with expertise and the ability to plan and execute technology implementations for customers, you begin to create Raving Fans.

At Datamax Arkansas, we start out every day knowing that trust is fragile and that we have to earn your “Raving Fandom” daily.

A Raving Fan Metric (RFM) - We don't just say we have Raving Fans; we measure it.

There's one key question that cuts to the heart of what it means to be loyal to a company: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”

The answer to that question is the ultimate validation and reflection of client satisfaction and loyalty.

We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. This system allows us to capture real feedback that reflects how our customers really feel about every single service and support call.

So, how likely are our clients to refer us? We are proud to say that our average Net Promoter Score (NPS)® is 93.0 (since 2012).

For context, the Harvard Business Review says that net promoter scores of 75% to 80% are the target for companies looking for world-class loyalty. We like to rave about our score!

And if you're a customer reading this – THANK YOU!  Our goal is to earn that score every day.

Creating Raving Fans® - How we do it!

To create Raving Fans, we focus on the exuberant execution of five core strengths:

  1. Technology. We partner with the best hardware manufacturers and software companies – the ones who continuously invest in R&D to keep their products (and you) ahead of the competition.
  2. Financial. Our in-house financial services give us the ability to tailor a financial plan to your unique needs.
  3. People. Our greatest edge is our people. Datamax Arkansas staff are dedicated and long-tenured. As stakeholders in the company, they are focused on providing the best service possible. No one here is satisfied with you just being satisfied.
  4. Skills. We invest in our employees to develop their technical and professional skills. The more they know; the better they can serve our customers.
  5. Integrity. We stand behind our service guarantees 100%. The bottom line: when you choose Datamax Arkansas, you will be taken care of unconditionally. We will get to know your business, listen to your needs, and provide the best possible solution for your business.

If you're looking for a technology partner and want to experience world-class customer service and loyalty, give us a call.

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Greg, Industry: Legal

“If you are considering purchasing or leasing copy machines from Datamax, I recommend them without reservation. In December 2016, we replaced our fleet of Sharp copy machines with Canon copiers. The entire process from proposal through implementation was very smooth.

At the beginning of the process, our Datamax representative, Dave, showed us how leasing a fleet of copiers would be more cost effective over time than buying the machines, the firm’s typical approach.

Datamax monitored our copier usage for several months and then made “rightsized” machine recommendations in their proposal, reducing our need to 10 machines from 11, a definite cost savings.

Datamax spent time in each department interviewing key users to clearly understand our processes and needs.

Finally, and most impressive, was the easy transition to the new Canon copiers - our “live” date was simply a non-event. We heard so little from our users that we wondered if they were using the new machines! We credit this to the simple and intuitive interface on the Canon copiers.

We’ve had little need for service calls on the Canon copiers but when we’ve requested service, Datamax response time and attention to detail have been excellent.

Quarterly reviews have occurred as promised giving us the opportunity to understand our usage and showing trends that will help us make decisions regarding copy services, such as ensuring we have the right equipment in the right location.

All in all, I recommend Datamax and Canon copiers. I am a happy customer, another Datamax “Raving Fan” and am considering other offerings, such as Workflow Composer and XXXXXX cost recovery.”
Robin, Industry: Computer Services

“I just want to take a minute and express to you how appreciative I am with the way you and the other Datamax staff have worked with me, not only in my office, but in the other companies that I provide IT services for. I love both the Lexmark and the Kyocera printer/copiers. The best thing about them is: the software I work with sees them as Hewlett Packard printers, which means I have had no compatibility issues ... an amazing feat these days!! Please pass my praises on to the other people that you work with - when I have had issues of any sort (which there have been few), someone has always been able to get me a quick answer, and I appreciate it much. Keep up the good work. If you need a reference, don't hesitate to give my name. I am truly a "Raving Fan" of your company.”
Julianne, Industry: Tourism

“As the new director of our Chamber of Commerce, I would like to commend Datamax and especially Joshua (our Sales Representative) for his outstanding level of service. Joshua is a very active member of our organization and genuinely cares about the community and clients he serves. Our office utilizes Datamax with Joshua as our representative. Joshua is very prompt when returning calls and emails to answer any questions we may have; and he goes out of his way to check on us and make sure all systems are meeting our needs. Overall, Datamax can't be beat when it comes to customer service. Fortunately, I cannot personally speak regarding technical resolutions from Datamax because I have never had an issue. However, I think that, in itself, speaks volumes! Datamax says they've "Got me Covered" and I couldn't agree more. Their motto is "Creating Raving Fans" and Joshua has certainly created a fan of our office! Without hesitation, I would recommend Datamax to any business looking for efficient solutions to document management."
Kimberly, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“I am writing this letter as a referral for Janet (our Account Manager), Hot Springs, AR. The wonderful customer service she has provided us as well as her negotiations on our contract with you, Datamax, I must say we are very pleased with our contract. Her hands-on experience, in teaching us how to operate the machine, and for stepping in to help me with a large print job, when I was swamped with other work just after getting the copier and being unfamiliar with it! She has called me at least once a year to check on us and to make sure we were still satisfied with everything. She is friendly, she has a very positive attitude and very warm personality! She has gone far beyond the call of duty to help the client in my opinion. I apologize to her for not sending a letter of referral way before now. Sorry Janet! I am an avid, Datamax fan! I think what you offer in machines and their performance/ (rare) maintenance is outstanding!”