IT Consulting

Your Virtual CIO guides you to the right technology decisions.


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IT Consulting

Your Virtual CIO works with you to create an IT strategy to enable real business growth.

Successful IT infrastructure requires smart planning, an understanding of the ever-changing IT landscape, and an understanding of how to put technology to work to meet your specific business goals.

Throwing technology at a business problem wastes your money and ensures that the problem won't be fixed – and might actually get worse.

You need IT to drive your business forward. But, you don't have the time to become an IT expert.

How important is this? Low performing organizations complete 36% of their projects; while high-performing organizations complete (successfully) 89%.* And 3 out of 4 execs think that their software projects will fail.**

That's why a Virtual CIO can be so valuable to your business and be your designated technology driver! They help plan the roadmap AND can help drive your final destination.

Here are a few questions many businesses ask us constantly:

  • Am I paying too much for IT? Does my current technology meet my business needs cost-effectively?
  • Do I need to spend more on IT? Can I grow my business with my existing IT infrastructure?
  • How agile is my technology? Can I take advantage of unexpected opportunities?
  • What technology will soon be available that will improve my business operations? 

A Datamax Virtual CIO works with you to discover the real answers to these questions and more. Then, clearly provides insights and recommendations for how to maximize your current technology investments AND prepare for a more productive future.

Driving to the future.

Your business has goals and a destination to reach. I'm sure you have a roadmap for how you're getting there. That roadmap must include the right technology. Think of IT as the engine and your business as the body of the car. We all know what happens when our car engines breaks down or just isn't running well. Sluggish acceleration. Bad gas mileage. Stops and starts.

Don't let that happen to your business.

What our IT Consulting helps you do:

  • Assess how effective and suitable existing IT is,
  • Modify IT infrastructure to align with business objectives,
  • Understand the real cost of ownership and reduce IT-related expenses,
  • Develop a roadmap for continued improvement as new technologies become available, and
  • Understand the value, importance, and application of emerging technology breakthroughs. 

Your Virtual CIO will help you sort through the technology jungle you may have, decide what (if any) additional IT tools you need, and help you identify the business value and ROI of your IT investments. 

Communication is key.

There's nothing worse than engaging in an IT project or employing a Virtual CIO where active communications isn't so active after signing the agreement.  In fact, our statistics show that poor communication is in the top three of how IT technology providers fail their clients right out of the gate.

As your IT "partner" we will not go into hiding.  You can count on IT consulting and communication that is:

  • relevant
  • resourceful
  • reliable... and
  • responsive!

If you're tired of trying to keep up with information technology trends and best practices on your own and want an expert guide (and driver); Datamax Arkansas can help.

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**Source: Geneca