Simplify your support requests with e-info.

Datamax’s online customer portal.

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Simplify your requests with e-info—Datamax’s online customer portal.

In an effort to further enhance our connection with you, we’re pleased to offer the Datamax ClientCONNECT Portal (powered by ECI e-info technology). e-info is a fully integrated Web portal that empowers current customers with the ability to access and exchange information directly with our service support and billing systems. Customers can log in to a dedicated, secure, and customized website where they can perform activities like: ordering supplies and checking the status of previous orders, submitting meter reads, requesting service calls, monitoring account information, and much more!

The following are many of the advantages we think you’ll appreciate.

Ease of use advantages.

  • No more redundant contact/equipment information data entry when submitting service requests, meters, or supply orders
  • No more multiple form data entries when several equipment requests are needed
  • Real-time status of existing service or supply requests is now available
  • Summary dashboard presentation for ease of navigation

Information access advantages.

Service Summary:

  • View pending calls
  • View scheduled calls
  • View dispatched calls
  • Search previous service calls

Account Summary:

  • View invoice history
  • View account status
  • View credit status
  • View credit limit
  • View aging report

Meter Summary:

  • View due meters
  • View meter history

Order Summary:

  • View new orders
  • View picked orders
  • View shipped orders
  • View items on back order
  • View canceled order

Equipment Summary:

  • View equipment on record in the field
  • View equipment tied to a contract
  • View non-contract equipment

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