Copier Repair Service - First Call Completion

All of our service resources pull in the same direction to repair your copiers and printers on the very first visit.

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Copier Repair Service - First Call Completion

All of our service resources pull in the same direction to "repair your copiers and printers on the very first visit."

You need to get back to work, not wait for the printer/copier repair guy to come back ANOTHER day (which might not even be the next day) to complete a repair.

Datamax Arkansas focuses on repairing your equipment on the first call. The ability to respond quickly is only the first step. The true measure of a service company's supportability – and how to create Raving Fans – is to be able to diagnose and repair an issue without having to come back.

How important is this to our customers? Our service techs aren't encouraged to get to as many service calls as they can. Their incentive is to fix the problem on the first call. In fact, our service technicians receive only ONE call at a time.

Think about your current service provider:

  • Are they rushing to get to their next call?
  • Do they have parts on hand?
  • Are they preoccupied?
  • Does it feel like they're giving half an effort so they can leave?

Achieving service success, especially on the first visit, relies on aligning the right resources at the right place at the right time with the right parts and know-how – count on Datamax to be right (nearly) every time.

Is your current service provider pulling in a unified direction for you?  Let's talk!

Christopher, Industry: Education

“Our School has been in business with Datamax for many years, and I have always been very pleased with the services they have and continue to provide. About nine years ago, I was approached about switching over to Datamax for our copier leasing. I was concerned about switching companies but I was invited to tour the facility at Datamax and had copiers demonstrated for us. This was very helpful in my decision to switch to Datamax because it meant to me that our school's business needs were important to Datamax. Nine years later we now lease four copiers.

The reason Our School continues to use Datamax for our copier needs is very clear to me. Simply put, it is because of superior service. If a problem or question arises, all I have to do is make a short call or send an email and we are taken care of. The service from the copier technicians has also been very expedient and the technicians know how to repair their products with minimal downtime. This is very important when a copier is out of service, as educators do not tolerate being unable to copy or print. I appreciate all Datamax has to offer and I applaud them for maintaining an honest, dependable, and knowledgeable staff.”