Cloud Solutions

The cloud is not a commodity. And no matter what you call it, computing doesn’t come out of the sky. It comes from physical hardware, inside brick and mortar facilities, connected by hundreds of miles of networking cable. And no two clouds are built the same way.

Cloud solutions have the ability to transform just about any location into your mobile office, increasing accessibility and continuity for businesses. Cloud services from Datamax allow you to store all of you company’s information in a safe, secure server that can be accessed from anywhere with a wireless signal.

Employees can now work on the go or from home without missing a beat in accessing and saving important documents. By installing our cloud service into your business system, you can relax without worrying about being able to access crucial documents on important sales calls. You can even access your files from home after your evening plans, or while you travel.

Often, employees need to collaborate on important projects from separate locations. With cloud solutions, everyone can remain on the same versions of a document without missing important edits or changes.

Datamax cloud solutions prevent your business from being stuck in the past with file folders and cabinets; let your employees access vital information from anywhere with the click of a button.

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