Creating Raving Fans

Datamax has the unique ability to provide solutions for any Arkansas business need. We combine the power of in-house financing, service and support of digital office products in both stand-alone and integrated customer networks with network sales, service, installation and support, which allows business offices to perform at exceptionally high rates of efficiency while controlling expenses.

To ensure you turn into a Raving Fan, we provide you with the best of the best in the following categories:


In Arkansas, Datamax means technology. You will have access to top notch manufacturers that are continuously investing in research & development to keep their product offerings on the cutting edge of technology and a step ahead of the competition.


Our financial component is unrivaled in Arkansas. As a result of our financial strength, we are able to provide our customers with custom designed self-funded financing. This affords us the ability to detail a financial plan to fit your unique needs. You won’t have to worry about dealing with third party leasing and finance companies that have no stake in your business success.

Furthermore, profits from self-funded financing are invested into our companies with particular focus on en-hancing employee education and retention. By strengthening education and engagement, employee retention rates rise as they become stakeholders in the company. In turn, employees become more capable in successfully servicing and addressing customer needs.


Our employees are highly tenured and dedicated as stakeholders in Datamax. They are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service of any industry. It does not matter whether you speak with a service technician or to the president of the company; we all take personal responsibility to exceed your expectations. Each employee strives to uphold our Company Philosophy, focusing on making all of our customers Raving Fans.

We also understand how important the community is to the success of our business. Our employees hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year donating proceeds to nonprofit organizations. Additionally, we are involved with several business organizations and sit on the boards of various organizations.


By investing in our people and the development of their technical and professional skills we are able to ensure your office environment is properly managed no matter what the size and needs.


The Datamax Guarantee highlights the difference in service and quality Datamax provides you.

We initiated a set of guarantees that we stand behind 100 percent. Our continuing efforts to improve ensure you receive excellent service time and time again. We place a high value on assessing our services and using those suggestions to create a better experience over all for all our customers.

The bottom line is this; when you choose Datamax, you will be taken care of unconditionally. We will get to know your business, listen to your needs and provide the best possible solution for your business.