Each business has its own printing demands. At Datamax Arkansas, we work with our customers to find the equipment that will best meet those demands. We have a variety of A4 and laser printers that will give you the documents you need at a price you can afford. Our devices will print both color and black-and-white pages efficiently. 

A4 Printers

A4 printers use A4 size paper, which measures 8.26" x 11.69" instead of the common 8.5" x 11". These devices are ideal if you need to print standard documents or small images. Their compact size make them an excellent option for smaller offices.

Laser Printers

Laser printers produce documents by shining a laser onto a selenium drum, which then applies toner to a piece of paper. Modern laser printers can match inkjet printers in both print speed and quality. Other beneficial features of these devices can include:

  • Autoduplexing
  • Large paper input capacity
  • Network connectivity
  • Environmentally conscious design

Contact us with any questions about our selection of printers.