Rules-Based Printing

Rules-based printing allows companies better manage their print jobs and achieve significant cost savings while reducing waste.

Consider the following: How many times does a print job get sent to a printer per day? How often do print jobs get forgotten on the printer and then trashed or wind-up in the wrong hands? How often are documents printed multiple times?
How often are insignificant documents printed unnecessarily on a color printer?

Rules-based printing solutions that allows organizations to:

  • Reduce the costs of printing by reducing the waste of paper and toner
  • Send print jobs to the appropriate, cost effective print device and balance workloads
  • Measure and provide print capabilities directly where they are needed, i.e. color or high-speed capabilities
  • Adjust printing behaviors to help reach company waste-reduction goals and green initiatives
  • Charge back print jobs to individual departments or cost centers

How does rules-based printing work?

Print jobs are examined and then directed based on a set of rules and conditions that have been predetermined. Print jobs can be directed to a specific printer; immediately printed in duplex, economy mode, or gray scale; then stamped with the user’s logo or information; or even directed to not print at all. Our rules-based print manager can also send a notice to the user who ordered the print job that makes them aware of any changes. This helps manage expectations along with improving workflows and productivity.

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