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Mobile Printing

Keep your workforce productive by allowing printing on the go.

You can work anywhere today. Coffee shop. On an airplane. At home in your easy chair. In the middle of a field. And, of course, in the office – and anywhere in that office!

This ability to get work done anywhere, any time can be a tremendous lift to productivity. 

Yet even while employees are untethered from work at a particular location, they still need to print documents.

Mobile printing allows you to bring from your phone or tablet (maybe your watch one day) to network-connected printers in your office. There are manufacturer-specific apps such as PageScope Mobile App and Canon's Mobile Printing App as well as enterprise-level solutions like uniFLOW Mobile Printing.

What are the benefits? There are many: 

  • Print over WiFi without print drivers or having to physically connect to your company network
  • Scan directly to your mobile device from your digital copier
  • Better security. Direct printing from your mobile device means you don't have to risk potential leakage by emailing sensitive information to yourself or a co-worker or downloading data to an easily lost USB stick
  • With pull printing, documents remain secure until you release them at the printer
  • Traveling employees who visit a different office in the company can print directly without having to download printer drives or asking IT for assistance

It's time to further empower you on-the-go employees. Discover the power of mobile printing with Datamax.

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