As we get closer and closer to the reality of a paperless office, your business will still inevitably have paper documents being shuffled around from department to department. Scanning can be a great solution for backing up paper documents and eliminating the need to save hard copies of paper files. From document preparation to efficiency in scanning, let Datamax Arkansas help you find the best scanner for your business.

Scanners help businesses implement energy efficient initiatives with measurable results. Scanners reduce a company’s carbon footprint by offering the possibility to print a document or save it. Scanners can be a vital tool to better manage office paper flow.

Datamax offers scanners that are made for high capacity business needs that have sophisticated security features such as document encryption. Scanners can connect to your network and allow you to choose where, when and how many times a document will be printed or where it should be stored. 

Scanners offer a variety of features and options:

  • Resolution
  • Text or image
  • Flatbed
  • Sheet-fed
  • USB
  • Color

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