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Creating anything first requires illumination:

A spark, a unifying vision that drives an organization towards a shared journey. Pairing a philosophy that demands execution, expertise and unrelenting enthusiasm, with a commitment to empowering customers to focus on their forte (not their technology), Datamax culture is that illumination.

As Datamax Arkansas celebrates 35 years serving businesses across this great state, the light shines brighter than ever before. Because Creating Raving Fans® is what we do every day.



"Culture trumps everything."

So says Datamax, Inc. President Barry Simon.  “At Datamax, we aren’t satisfied with customers or employees just being satisfied.  Our mission is much bigger.”

Datamax Little Rock opened in 1983, when the company acquired St. Louis-based A.B. Dick Products. Simon arrived in 1985 and began to introduce structure and integrated processes that would become differentiating factors for Datamax: features such as their own private leasing company, response time guarantees and unparalleled efficiency in delivery and installation.

“We were smaller, so we had to do things to differentiate ourselves,” Simon said.

Over the next decade, the organization enjoyed steady, substantial growth. In addition, the Hot Springs office opened in 1995. With expansion came new challenges that Simon and industry consultant Mike Riordan confronted by instituting an organizational evaluation. Through their analysis, the two threaded together the “Creating Raving Fans®” philosophy that’s become prevalent today.

They also created “The Datamax Little Blue Book,” which today is given to every new employee. It’s a small, yet significant guidebook for the Datamax Way of doing business.

“At Datamax, we are all about creating raving fans – in everything we do,” the opening page reads. “With customers, our formula is pretty simple – provide rapid response to needs, resourceful resolution to issues and real (maximized) return on every technology investment. Through a commitment of heart and mind, it is how we’ve operated for sixty years.”

For employees, the promise is the same, through responding to career aspirations, and maximizing investments of time and expertise. Finally, in the community, Creating Raving Fans® means making a pledge  to contribute, volunteer and provider leadership to help others in need every chance possible.

The cultural synergy at Datamax was corroborated in 2017 when the company was voted "One of the Best Places to Work" by Arkansas Business magazine.



The tagline reads “Relevant Technology. Raving Results.

This serves as more than just a clever slogan: it’s a living, breathing mission statement for the real-world commitments made to clients in providing comprehensive consulting, service, and support for technology-based solutions.

While solutions evolve over time, the mission statement stands steady as a rock. It’s about a holistic approach to business needs by introducing technology that’s relevant, as well as delivering solutions and service with the kind of enthusiasm and execution that ultimately produces raving results.

Datamax’s early adoption of IT contributes greatly to its all-inclusive technology approach. Anticipating the ever-increasing integration of office and information technology, Datamax Arkansas began the development of IT-related services in 2000 when it acquired Micro Computer Technologies of Arkansas. This move further bolstered its IT managed services expertise and capabilities.

Coincidentally, Datamax is also celebrating 35 years of partnership with Canon, an entity that Simon and other company stakeholders site as a major contributor to Datamax’s sustained success. In addition to being named to the Canon Advanced Partner Program for a fifth straight year, Datamax is also a Canon ATSP Service Provider (10 years in a row), putting it in elite company among Canon Authorized Dealerships.

“I’ve always seen our relationship with Canon as a true partnership,” Simon said. “We value our long-standing relationship with this innovative organization, and we look forward to continued success together moving ahead."



A section of The Datamax Little Blue Book outlines for employees “What We Believe.”

Among those principles is “to recognize and accept the responsibility of being an involved corporate citizen in the community.”

The list of community organizations Datamax Arkansas supports is long, but the idea is simple: To contribute to something bigger than itself. Beyond raving fans, employees strive to create raving friends as well.

“I encourage employees to get involved with something they’re passionate about. We need to give back to the communities we work in,” Simon said. “Often, we want to contribute to charities that can’t do things for themselves.”

The community connection is just another part of an authentically lived out culture at Datamax. That way of thinking illuminates every next step along the organization’s journey, toward even higher productivity and further longevity in the years ahead.

“Longevity doesn’t breed security. Productivity breeds security,” Simon said. “The philosophy of raving fans comes from being consistent. Why has the philosophy served us so well in Arkansas? Because we talk about it every day.”

A 20 year observation ... "They have never wavered."

Creating Raving Fans is the foundation, the “soul” and the fiber of the Culture of Datamax Inc. When I first met Barry Simon, President of Datamax, he continuously talked about Creating Raving Fans. Many times I hear people use slogans that are clever. However, after a period of time, they move on to another catchy phrase and then another. That’s all they are: a clever slogan. I have known Barry for over 20 years and interacted with the people of Datamax for that same lengthy time. They have never wavered. Their Mission, their Vision, their Reason for Being, is to Create Raving Fans. It is not a slogan, rather it is a Way of Life. It is the Heartbeat of their Culture.

The execution of a Culture, of course, comes down to people. The people of Datamax are special. They Create Raving Fans. It always comes back to the people. As Coach John Wooden often said, “everything goes to the Team that Executes.” The team at Datamax executes their Culture brilliantly. These people are Real People. They care about their customers and equally as important they care about each other. To be a Datamax team member means that you Show Up everyday excited to create Raving Fans and be a Raving Fan for your fellow team members. A team member grabs their LunchPail and goes to work everyday.
So that’s the story of the Datamax Culture. A Team of hard working people that are passionate, dedicated and Committed to creating Raving Fans in their communities.

Mike Riordan
Riordan & Associates