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    Improving educational workflows and communications allows you to devote time to your students.


Manage campus printing, improve educational workflows, elevate staff communications — devote more time to students.

Whether you’re a small primary school or large university, it’s incumbent on you to provide top-of-the-class print, copy, and scan capabilities for your students, teachers, and staff in a well-managed, rule-enforced environment.

A large nemesis to cost-effective printing is, simply, waste. According to the American Federation of Teachers, at least 40 percent of the typical school waste stream is paper (the largest single component of all school waste).

Datamax can orchestrate technology solutions that help your School or University better manage print: 

  • control print costs by implementing print policies such as double-sided printing, color restrictions, print job authorization, budgets, feature restrictions, and job routing to print rooms or a cheaper device.
  • Allow users to leverage their compatible smartphones or tablets to submit and release their print jobs in a managed, controlled setting.
  • Implement accurate print and copy charge-back to departments and individuals as part of a print management engagement.
  • utilize authentication technology to restrict access to forms and documents and keep records secure according to FERPA guidelines.
  • use print rules to route jobs to the most cost-effective printer on campus.

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Improve educational workflows.

Has your school done your homework on workflows?

Schools use documents every day to educate students, inform faculty and staff, and share information with parents. How streamlined is are these document processes? With secure document management, route student information, class assignments, and test results to SharePoint, email systems, and shared document repositories. Combine multiple tasks into single processes.

  • Automate document-driven work processes
  • Rules-based routing and monitoring
  • Automatic notifications and status alerts improve productivity and accountability
  • Distribute documents evenly among team members with workload balancing

Elevate staff/student communication.

Communication is critical in schools.

Whether creating that valuable first impression via printed marketing materials or graphics, or successful collaborating from any device at any time, optimal communication leads to enriched learning and successful classroom experience.

  • Create a strong visual impact with modern production print systems
  • Right-size fleet for optimal, cost-effective printing and workflows
  • Enable faster collaboration with colleagues, students and parents
  • Empower mobile learning for next-generation classroom experience

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Randy, Industry: Education

“Please accept this letter as my personal and professional endorsement of Datamax as an outstanding business partner to our Academy. Datamax has been a valuable business partner to our school since 2005. I have been with our school for 14 years and for 12 of those years I had the privilege of working with lots of the outstanding staff at Datamax.

The Total Solution product that Datamax recommended to us as a solution to our needs is something that has totally exceeded our expectations and continues to meet our needs each year as we have grown. Since the Total Solution is an all-encompassing product, our office staff is not weighed down with the tasks of purchasing and keeping a track printing supplies. The sales and service personnel at Datamax is very friendly and always willing to help with any problem or need that we have had. I have been impressed with their dedication to us as a customer to not only take care of a need but also reaching out to make sure we are more than satisfied with the service and products.

We are pleased to endorse Datamax as a great and valuable business partner for all of your document needs. We have found that our relationship with them has been very beneficial and helped us grow and meet our goals as a school.”
Jennifer, Industry: Education

“Your technician was extremely helpful and patient with me. She explained everything with a smile and understanding. While she has a challenging job, she presented with an extremely calm attitude. Your technician was very professional. She loves her job and represented your company in a positive light. She is exactly the type of employee we all want on our team.”
Vicky, Industry: Education

“I am writing this letter to highly recommend the services that Datamax provides. During the past 8 years we have utilized their copiers and technicians. They offer high quality copiers and excellent service. We can say that we have always been satisfied with their work. We look forward to working with them in the future.”
Christopher, Industry: Education

“Our School has been in business with Datamax for many years, and I have always been very pleased with the services they have and continue to provide. About nine years ago, I was approached about switching over to Datamax for our copier leasing. I was concerned about switching companies but I was invited to tour the facility at Datamax and had copiers demonstrated for us. This was very helpful in my decision to switch to Datamax because it meant to me that our school's business needs were important to Datamax. Nine years later we now lease four copiers.

The reason Our School continues to use Datamax for our copier needs is very clear to me. Simply put, it is because of superior service. If a problem or question arises, all I have to do is make a short call or send an email and we are taken care of. The service from the copier technicians has also been very expedient and the technicians know how to repair their products with minimal downtime. This is very important when a copier is out of service, as educators do not tolerate being unable to copy or print. I appreciate all Datamax has to offer and I applaud them for maintaining an honest, dependable, and knowledgeable staff.”
Kevin, Industry: Education
“Our School District has been using Datamax copiers and services for nearly six years. They have provided quality products and services from day one. When copier service is required, technicians are prompt, knowledgeable, and capable. Datamax is a valuable and critical part of our education process.”
Janie, Industry: Education
“As Executive Director of our school, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company on its great customer service. Your technicians consistently arrive promptly after I have placed a service call and work diligently to resolve our copier issues. In addition, Josh (our Document Management Consultant) checks with me several times a year to ask how our copy machines are performing and if Datamax can help our company become more efficient. We recently added a scanning feature to our copy machines which has really been a helpful feature for our program. I am truly pleased with the working relationship between our organizations and enjoy working with Josh."
William, Industry: Education
“Our County Library has greatly enjoyed doing business with Datamax. My favorite function has got to be the quick turnaround for service. They do much more than just maintain printers. Their networking services are great too. Datamax has specialists in several different areas that have helped with:

1. Projects I didn't want to take on alone,
2. Guiding me through several different problems, and
3. I have also been able to simply turn over projects to Datamax.

It has been nice to have the Datamax team handy. This is a full service tech support company that is not afraid to come on site to repair, train, and provided needed products. We hope to work with Datamax for years to come."
John, Industry: Education
“As Director of our Center, I am continuously dealing with businesses associated with office equipment such as copiers and fax machines. Over the past 7 years our center has been under contract with Datamax. This company is unmatched when it comes to product and service. I have found them to be a professionally run company with customer satisfaction as a top priority. Our Sales Representative is Nita. She works hard to see the needs of our company are met. She visits our site on a regular basis taking time to meet with employees to make sure they are satisfied with their product. Service technicians are quick to respond and very little is lost due to down time. I recommend the services of Datamax to anyone needing office equipment. They will provide the service needed to meet your needs."