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    Real Estate

    Streamline communication between brokers, developers, buyers, and investors.

Real Estate

Streamline communication between brokers, developers, buyers, and investors.

Clear, fast communication is critical for real estate companies as they look to become more efficient, improve tenant loyalty, and differentiate and improve the positioning of their properties.

Datamax Arkansas' portfolio of products and solutions improves your competitive advantage by automating and streamlining communications between brokers, developers, buyers, and investors.

Datamax can orchestrate technology solutions that help your Real Estate Company

  • Ensure up-to-date information about properties at your fingertips so you're always sharing the right version of documents
  • From conception to final build, use document management and imaging to improve collaboration and manage all documents (building plans, contracts, invoices, permits, etc.) needed to see a project to completion
  • Secure documents to prevent accidental access or information loss, utilizing MFP and IT Security best practices
  • Merge buyer/tenant customer data within forms and distribute them to any printer, fax, email, or archival system

Real Estate is a hard-enough business to be in without having to struggle with controlling and being able to use your information.

Commercial real estate companies go Vertical® with Datamax Arkansas with efficient workflow, faster communication, and an improved bottom line.

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Stephanie, Industry: Real Estate

“I have to say that from the moment the phone is answered by the office management, to the call received back from the tech, it is by far the best experience (with Datamax)!! My favorite tech to work with is Kelly!! He is always cheerful, has a solution for every situation, and leaves a smile on my face at the end of the call. …Thank you Kelly for keeping a positive attitude and for helping your customers to handle whatever task comes their way! We appreciate all YOU do!!!