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How Can I Clean My Copier Without Damaging the Screen or Other Features?

Datamax How to sanitize office equipment

Here's 7 best practices for thoroughly sanitizing your office equipment without damaging the device(s). 

As many employees return to the office after Work From Home mandates were instituted, safety and sanitation is top of mind for every business amid COVID-19. Thoroughly cleaning high traffic areas around your office certainly includes your office equipment. It’s a question we get asked frequently.

How Can You Properly Disinfect Your Copiers and Printers Without Damaging Them? Here’s 7 Best Practices:

  1. Prior to cleaning your device(s), ensure the machine is powered down. In addition, confirm the AC power and device cord(s) are disconnected before beginning the process.
  2. All areas of the device(s) that come into human contact should be cleaned, including control panels, covers, jam locations, etc., with the use of Isopropyl alcohol. Disposable gloves are recommended. Please note this agent is a flammable chemical compound, so handle with care and only use within a highly ventilated area. 
  3. Note that while 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol was initially recommended, a solution of 70%+ Isopropyl alcohol can be used.
  4. The device's platen glass can be cleaned with glass cleaner. Isopropyl alcohol can also be used but can leave streaking. 
  5. Dampen a soft, lint free or microfiber cloth with Isopropyl alcohol (or, alternatively, use Isopropyl alcohol wipes) to clean your equipment. Do NOT spray directly onto the device.
  6. Avoid bleach, ammonia, or other harsh cleaning solvents as these could damage the display screen of your copier/MFP or printer.
  7. Once completed, wait until surfaces are dry before powering the device(s) on and re-connecting AC power cords into outlet.

As we all navigate this pandemic together, Datamax takes the personal safety and the productivity of your organization to heart. For a variety of insights on a business climate thoroughly changed by the coronavirus, check out our COVID-19 Resource Page!


One Additional Note: While you're busy cleaning, these best practices for cleaning and disinfecting your home may be useful! 

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