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How Can My Team Effectively Communicate if Working Remotely?

Unified Communications as a Service

We'll share 4 communication advantages a UCaaS solution offers for a remote work environment. 

Whether it was an effort to cut overhead costs, a pandemic, or a February "snowmageddon," many businesses have given great thought over the past 18 months to what a long-term (or short-term ) remote work plan looks like. Even as businesses return to the office, and regardless of what the next 12 months bring, a remote work strategy addresses an undeniable trend in today's workplace and remains a viable exercise for a business' back pocket.  

In today’s IT world, with VPN access, cloud services, cloud servers, and cloud software, remote work is more viable than ever before. But a few important questions remain.

  • How do we collaborate as a cohesive team (without the tenuous email chain)?
  • How do we share files and ideas (quickly)?
  • How do we communicate?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and more specifically UCaaS with an emphasis on remote access, opens the doors to anywhere, anytime, communication. Real-time collaboration becomes a reality for workers whether they’re working from their standard office, their second-story bedroom, or the Starbucks down the street.

4 Communication Advantages A UCaaS Solution Offers: 

1. Video Conferencing

We’re beyond familiar with the Zoom boom of 2020. Under the evolving circumstances, and the continued use of web meetings for the foreseeable future, is your business utilizing video conferencing as a way to stay in touch with your own client needs? To corral your scattered workforce for important team meetings?

Solutions such as GoMeet Video Conferencing create smarter, faster, engaging, and actionable meeting experiences.

2. Collaborative Chat/Messaging

We SMS (text) friends and family members every day for a simple reason - it's easier and faster than email. But what about our co-workers? 

Chat is a great channel for internal communication when users are working in different locations, allowing co-workers to get quick responses and eliminating email chains along the way. Within a UCaaS platform, you can not only message internally, but you can SMS from your work number via the app on your cell, or on your PC to other people not on your account. 

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3. Mobile Backup

In the case where a home Wi-Fi drops service for any amount of time, a mobile device may become the backup for calls, texts, emails, or even video conferencing through your cellular network. It’s an instant-on business world and extended disruptions of any kind are frustrating. As remote workers set up their home workspace, be sure they install the mobile version of email, calendaring, chat, video conferencing, and file sharing apps on their mobile phones so they’ll be ready to handle any scenario.

4. File Collaboration

Under a UCaaS platform, users can access files from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, file servers, and the web. More importantly, they can access the information they need, wherever they may be.

These features — and more — fit seamlessly under one platform with a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) initiative. In an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, it creates the cohesive experience — and unleashes the magic of mobility — every business user relies on to succeed. Interested in learning more? Schedule your visit with a Datamax Technology Consultant today! 

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A 14-year veteran in the Information Technology sales field, Lee Wise serves as the Account Development Manager for Datamax Texas' Technology Services Group. Through TechCare (Managed IT Services) and CommCare (Unified Communications) engagements, Lee works to streamline, secure, and simplify organizations’ IT environments, while helping them achieve business objectives through technology best practices.

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