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How do I Ensure Our Scan to Email Feature is Fully Secure?


Essentially, mxHero mitigates email-related vulnerabilities by replacing email attachments from your MFP device with secure cloud storage links.

In the plethora of daily job workflows, email remains among the most fraught with cyber security vulnerabilities.

According to a PurpleSec Cyber Security study, out of 50,000 security incidents, email is responsible in 92% of cases. Scan to email is an integral component to most organizations’ digitally-evolving environment. As email security remains paramount, scan to email security should be an equally-valued priority.

The mxHero scan to email solution, available on Canon MFP devices, helps organizations better control and track documents that are scanned to email. Essentially, it mitigates email-related vulnerabilities by replacing email attachments from your MFP device with secure cloud storage links.

How does it work?

When a user scans a document to email, it’s first routed with encryption to mxHero, and then moves to your cloud storage service (mxHero is compatible with major services like Box, Egnyte, Google drive, and Microsoft One Drive). Finally, an email with a cloud storage link is sent to the original destination of the scanned documents. End users change nothing in the normal scan-to-email process.

What can you gain?

  • Security Features: End-to-end encrypted delivery of scanned documents.
  • Control: Limit and/or revoke access to scanned documents sent over email.
  • Tracking: The sender is notified in real-time when the recipient accesses the scanned documents.
  • Flexibility: Send scanned documents of up to 100 MB in size, without concern of traditional 10 MB email file size restrictions.
  • Easy Adoption: End users can scan documents to email as they always have with no confusion.
  • SMTP Relay: Provides SMTP relay continuity for devices to support forthcoming two-factor authentication requirements of Office 365 and Gsuite.

What's the good news? 

Now through June 30, Datamax is pleased to offer a FREE twelve (12) month mxHero subscription for any Canon MFP purchased or leased from us on or before June 30, 2021. At no obligation, this represents a $160 annual value to you. Click below to set up an opportunity to learn more about mxHero or visit further about your MFP security at large! 

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