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How do I Find the Best Managed IT Services Near Me?


How do you find the right Managed IT Services partner that fits your needs and expectations? Let's discuss.

The Managed IT Services market is on the move.

Research Dive predicts the market will hit $411 billion in 2027, up from $174 billion in 2019, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.2% in that period. Why the emerging demand? Here are two big reasons.

  • COVID-19. As businesses adapted quickly to evolve their work environment and enable unforeseen technologies effectively, they looked outward to Managed Services Providers and IT consultants.
  • Heightened security concerns. Today’s cybersecurity landscape is anything but ordinary. In 2021, the total number of cyberattacks increased by 50% year over year, and there’s little indication that this trend will wane significantly, as bad actors continuously refine their techniques and leverage machine learning and automation.

There are, of course, many other advantages that come with outsourced IT, but we digress. Finding the right Managed IT Services provider is why you're reading here. How do you find the one that fits your needs and expectations? We'll discuss below.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is essentially outsourcing all your general IT-related tasks to a trusted third party. With such an engagement, your provider assumes the responsibility of maintaining a range of processes and infrastructure related to your IT operations. By offloading security best practices to a team of experts, it can also provide invaluable peace of mind amid today's cybersecurity climate. 

In looking at potential partners... if you’re anything like us, a local Managed IT provider option seems like a great start.

While remote monitoring and management are a great asset to fast response to desktop support needs (and can add convenience), having a trusted partner near you will only bolster collaboration and communication, vs. sending a support ticket halfway across the globe. If the unexpected happens (or you just need to review things), it’s great to have a local/regional provider within a short driving distance.

But what else should you consider?

Looking for the best Managed IT Services Provider near you? 4 questions to ask.

1. How capable are they, really?

Sounds obvious, right? But certifications and third-partner vendor relationships matter when it comes to constructing, reevaluating, or renovating your network environment. What certifications or qualifications can the IT provider demonstrate? What manufacturers or third-party vendors are they aligned with? What is their partnership status with these manufacturers? (example: Have they earned Gold status with partners like Microsoft, one of the most frequented technology applications for businesses today?)

2. How deep are they willing to go with security?

In 2022, this is huge. Most standard IT Service agreements will include remote systems management/configuration, necessary servers/workstations and network hardware, a firewall, and anti-virus protection. But then what?

Enhanced security services like Multi-factor authentication, robust end-user security training, and enhanced anti-virus sandboxing are necessary components in today’s cybersecurity climate.

3. What are the service metrics?

Don’t tell me. Show me.

What are their support call response and resolution numbers? What’s their overall satisfaction score? Ask for specific service-related metrics. Downtime is a serious downer, and numbers are much more telling than blanket marketing messages about “being the best.”

4. Are they ready to train your team?

Technology only secures you so far. With the emergence of social engineering and the continued effectiveness of email phishing attacks, your greatest strength (or weakness) lies in your people. Ask about web-based or onsite training, or even simulated phishing attacks that can prepare your users for the realities of cybersecurity today.

Does outsourced IT make sense for your business? We believe with the right provider, it absolutely does. Datamax has been named a Microsoft Gold Partner for 16 consecutive years, and is ready to go deep to provide you with the latest and most effective cybersecurity capabilities. Click below to visit with a Datamax technology specialist!

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