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Our Copier Prints Dark Lines and the Copies are Gray. Can We Clean It?

streaking lines on copier

A bottle of Windex and a damp cloth may help remove dark, streaking lines on copies. But if it's from printing, we recommend you call your local service technician. 

Have copier/multi-function printer that prints dark, streaking lines, or produces copies that are dark or gray-colored? It’s not only frustrating when you’ve got an important job to get out; it’s an extremely common issue.

As a Service Manager, when I receive a call like this, I typically ask three standard questions.

1. Is it when you are copying using the copy glass?

If it’s when you are making a copy from the glass, you can use Windex or a damp cloth to wipe the large portion of the copy glass. This could clean off ink or pen residue left from the document you were making a copy with.

2. Are you making copies using the document feeder?

If you’re making copies using the document feeder on top of the machine, use Windex or a damp cloth to wipe down the slit glass – the narrow stretch of glass on the far left end of the machine.

3. Is this occurring when you are printing?

If the dark streaking lines are occurring when you’re printing to your device, we recommend you call a technician.

While the Internet may suggest wiping down the transfer rollers (or other parts) j inside the machine, we do not advise this. First, it could end up causing more damage and create a costly repair. Secondly, dark streaking lines could be from any number of part-related issues, including a fuser, an image transfer belt, an electrostatic belt, a drum, developer, or more.

Damage to any of these parts, again, can be a costly fix.

Your trusted service technician will be able to properly diagnose the issue and get you back to printing and copying clean, clear documents.

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Justin Harper serves as the Service Manager for Datamax East Texas locations. Justin entered the Office Equipment industry in 2004, starting in the Delivery Department. As a Canon ATSP certified technician himself, he oversees 12 technicians in Tyler, Longview, Lufkin and Sulphur Springs.

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