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We're Spending Too Much on an Old Business Phone System. What Gives?

Unified Communications as a Service

With UCaaS, you cut down on the number of third-party software solutions you’re using to support communications.

Maybe you’re holding onto that legacy phone system because you’re worried about change, or it's just comfortable keeping everything "as is."  Or maybe you’re concerned about the cost of an upgrade. Either way, your old POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) is likely costing too much and not delivering the value and capabilities one should expect today.

The reality is this: With a legacy system, you’re usually not paying one standard bill for phone services. They come with hidden costs that include hardware, service, and scaling fees that add up over time. We wonder if you’ve considered switching to a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform to potentially cut costs AND reap the benefits of modern communication tools.
How does UCaaS help cut costs on business phones?

Here are 3 of the basic reasons you can potentially cut cots by moving to UCaaS.

  1. You cut down on the number of third-party software solutions you’re using to support communications.
  2. It makes supporting a growing remote workforce more feasible and cost-effective.
  3. Is your business growing? You can reasonably scale up (and down) as needs change. AKA: You aren't paying for more than you need.

But wait. There’s more.

Here are 4 Additional benefits of a UCaaS system.

1. It’s reliable.

As an example, consider that Intermedia guarantees 99.999% uptime for its users. For those counting at home, that’s less than six minutes per year.

2. It’s “wherever, whenever” communications.

Your pre-configured phones connect to your desk phone. They also connect to your laptop and your mobile device. Not only that, a UCaaS system comes equipped with seamless mobile transfer, video conferencing, file collaboration, chat, desktop integration, and much, much more.

3. It’s secure.

Users and their data are best protected by secure data centers, a certified security team, encryption, password management, and 2FA.

4. It improves your customers’ experience.

Manage customer interactions through various channels (voice, chat, webchat, email, etc.) giving them opportunities to communicate at their convenience.

Cutting on costs is huge, but there’s so much more to explore with UCaaS. Where people work, and how they choose to communicate, continue to transform. At Datamax, we're ready to help you embrace the evolution of how your employees and clients expect to communicate. Interested in learning more about UCaaS? Let's visit!

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