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Why Can't My Copier Repair Technician Get it Right the First Time?

Copier Repair Service Datamax

We'll share 3 main reasons why your current copier service provider can't get you up and running already. 

“I’m going to need to dig a little deeper on this issue. When’s a good time we can reschedule?” - your copier technician

When a technician utters those words, you suddenly realize that your copier downtime has potentially been extended from hours to days. The employees are frustrated, and productivity takes a pounding. No matter how capable he or she might seem, or how friendly they might be, why can't they just get you back up and running already? 

3 Reasons Your Copier Repair Technician Doesn't Get it Right the First Time.

1. They don’t communicate properly.

Great service starts — and ends — with communication.

In this instance, the vital communication protocol is simply: 

  • a). asking relevant questions,
  • b). listening to your every word.

It’s important for you, the customer, to know that you’re fully heard. It’s not your job to diagnose the problem. It’s the technician’s duty to interpret the issue you are describing and understand well enough to properly execute the repair.

If they’re fully listening to you, the technician can not only accurately notate the issue and make sure the machine is in proper working order, they can sometimes even show them a faster, easier way to get the job done.

2. They don’t prepare properly.

What do we mean by “prepared?”

  • The knowledge to do the job.
  • The right attitude to do the job.
  • The tools to do the job.

What tools? For one, powerful solutions like ImageWare Remote and Canon SnapShot delivers immediate and accurate notification of errors, jams, and alerts by e-mail to your service team, expediting the dispatch and service resolution process. When a service ticket is created, they can utilize these tools to get a full view of your equipment service data before ever arriving on site.
With this information, they are equipped with relevant device insights prior to attempting repair on your equipment. It’s a great head start – and certainly increases the likelihood of “getting it right the first time.”

3. They don't train properly. 

More often than not, “one and done” with a copy repair comes down to know-how. This doesn’t occur by osmosis.

It takes preparation – namely hundreds of hours of equipment-specific study and online classwork. How much does your service provider invest in the individual training for manufacturer-specific certifications like Canon ATSP and Konica Minolta PRO-TECH? It’s a question worth asking.

Ready for the next copier technician who walks through your door to get it right the first time?

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