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What Basic Factors Should We Consider When Choosing a Copier?

Choosing the best office equipment

Here are five basic considerations for you to ponder between now and when you're rolling in that brand-new copier.

A copier (i.e. multifunction printer) is a big-time investment. As with any such endeavor, it’s best to do a fair amount of due diligence before narrowing your search. The model(s) you decide upon, and perhaps more importantly, your choice of vendor, will determine whether you’re sustaining successful workflows or suffering successive headaches for the next five years or so.

From the “speeds and feeds” to security considerations to simple service "know-how," here are five basic considerations for you to ponder between now and the moment you're rolling that shiny new copier into your office.

1. What is your current and expected volume?

One of the initial determining factors in the size and overall functionality of your next copier is determining how much you are actually printing. Your average monthly volume will not only help narrow down the size and model, but also the necessary speed you need to achieve desired results.  But also take into account how you forecast business workflow moving forward. Growing in size? Cutting back? 

Review previous service agreements to give you a better estimate of your actual printing needs. Understand, too, the benefits that come with "right-sizing" your fleet, by mixing and matching walk-up devices with desktop printers to maximize cost and efficiency. 

2. Lease or purchase?

While buying the equipment will potentially lower your cost long term and afford you the ability to own the equipment outright, leasing has its advantages beyond just lower upfront costs and stable, predictable payments. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Consider how important the "latest" technology is for your organization. At the end of your lease term, you can typically upgrade to a newer model with the "latest and greatest" features.
  • Also, ask if your potential provider has an in-house leasing option, which may offer you more flexibility and lend itself to greater accountability on service.  Here is further information on the potential advantages of leasing directly with your technology partner, where available.

3. What features are essential for your daily workflows?

Today's multi-function printers are full of workflow-enhancing features. Take a hard look at how your company handles documents on a regular basis (I.E., what's the most time-efficient, easiest way to get a document from point A to point B most efficiently?). From print/scan/fax/email, to double-sided copies, collating, to any variety of finishing options, have a candid conversation with a potential provider on how you can best utilize whatever model is being proposed.

4. How will security be addressed (by a potential vendor)? 

According to a Canon-commissioned survey, only 21% of IT decision-makers, influencers, and users have security features in place on their printers. As "just another device on the network," your MFP shares and stores sensitive information that must be locked down with the right capabilities and safeguards. It should be treated with the same security awareness as any other device on your network.

How seriously does your potential provider take security? Click here to learn more. 

5. How long can you afford to be “down?”

At some point, the inevitable occurs and your trusted office workhorse will grind to a halt. What happens next? How long can you afford to be down? It's critical to vet the service capabilities of any copier repair service provider.  Questions to ask them:

  • What is your average response time? Resolution time?
  • What specific training programs do you offer technicians? (And do you have the hardware to prove the certification/recognition?
  • What's your first call completion rate? 

Your copier is your workflow workhorse - without it, critical daily tasks simply can't get done. Wondering how you can ensure you've picked the right partner to deliver a service experience worth raving about? We've got just the book.

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