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What's Penetration Testing and Why Does My Organization Need it?

Penetration Testing

Where does one begin in gaining the necessary intelligence to know where you stand in regards to your cyber security risk? Penetration Testing is a great starting point.

Is your organization fully and confidently secure from cyber threats? It’s a question that’s often difficult for businesses to answer.

Assessing your cyber security risk often entails many facets. It may lead you in a variety of directions, with a number of various costs, with often-conflicting recommendations for moving forward. So often, businesses simply do nothing. Where does one begin in gaining the necessary intelligence to know where you stand in regards to your cyber security risk? What’s a good starting point?

A Penetration Testing engagement is a great starting point. After all, it’s nearly impossible to know where to spend time and resources without knowing your current posture.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is a next-level Cyber Security Assessment engagement that essentially blows past hypothetical scenarios and actually shows you what can happen, with play-by-play details of how and why exploitation occurred. A reputable partner will explore all facets of your landscape, as well as provide distinct recommendations for how to address what is uncovered.

Penetration Testing, if done properly, covers the following areas or perspectives:

  • External Discovery: This process offers your company a solid view of all your external-facing systems and data, including nooks and crannies you may not be aware of.
  • External Network: This component of the testing is performed from the perspective of an Internet-based attacker. Real-world attacks are simulated on your organization by focusing on Internet-exposed assets and/or users.
  • Internal Network: These engagements simulate an attack from inside your organization’s network.
  • Wireless: With the intent of evaluating your wireless network’s security stability, this exercise is performed from the perspective of an attacker within wireless range.
  • Trusted Access: This test is done from a simulated partner or vendor with some level of access to your environment, such as through remote access technologies.

How can it help my business?

Penetration Testing can help in the following areas:
  • Identify threats/vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risks to your data
  • Fulfill and validate compliance with industry regulations
  • Reduce the risk of ransomware
  • Gain quantitative results that identify and measure your risk levels
  • Discover vulnerabilities that traditional methodologies miss
  • Offer peace of mind about where you stand and potential next steps

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