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10 Tiresome Copier Service Clichés That May Be Ringing In Your Ears


When your office equipment service provider isn't well-configured with necessary resources and tools, and individual technicians are not consistently spending time in online training sessions, these clichés can fall like rain.

"We deliver world-class service." Heard that before? 

The phrase is an all-too-commonly heard pitch in an advertising campaign or during the sales process. It’s a bold claim, one that’s impossible to measure or define, and a phrase that falls flat the first time an unresolved issue surfaces.

As consumers, we’re fed clichés from sales reps or service teams constantly. Immersed in a world of automation and aversion to one-on-one, real-time support, these phrases grow tiresome. As frustrating as they can be, we've grown to anticipate them in our customer service experience.

  • "Can I put you on a brief hold?"
  • "I'll need to transfer you to another department." 
  • "That's not something I can do." 

Copier service and support is no different. When your office equipment service provider isn't well-configured with necessary resources and tools, and individual technicians are not consistently spending time in online training sessions, these clichés can fall like rain.

How would you rate your copier service experience? You can start by considering whether or not  you've heard any of these lines before. 

Top 10 Copier Service Clichés You Shouldn't Have to Hear From Your Provider: 

1. "Unfortunately, I don’t have the part I need. I’ll have to order it.”

A classic example of a technician with an inadequate car stock. But this issue goes further than the trunk of your technician's vehicle: It represents a less-than-fanatical Service Delivery Blueprint.

2. "I’ve never seen this issue before."

We know what that means — resolution on your issue is currently on hold. 

When less-than-common issues arise, you're needing a technician that's been there, seen that. And the only way he or she has is with a fair share of training and the manufacturer certifications to back it up. 

3. "I can get toner to you by Tuesday. Or, you can come pick it up."

Down on toner means down on productivity, and it's a reflection of a department's support methodology. The difference between PROactive and REactive service is not subtle. Where does your service provider stand? 

4. "Well, that’s not included in your service agreement."

This exchange between customer and vendor often becomes not a question of “what isn’t,” but “what IS” included. Support agreements should spell out specifically what the expected service delivery should be over the duration of your term. In other words, make sure you get it in writing.

5. "I'm sorry. I'd be frustrated, too."

While the empathy is appreciated, the continued downtime is not. 

Does your service provider have an absolute Resolution Target? Copier companies talk frequently about a guaranteed response time. While that is certainly notable, resolution should always be the target.  

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6. "I need to dig a little deeper on this. What’s a good time we can reschedule?"

Generally, there's nothing "good" about needing to reschedule.

Doing it right the first time should be a universal objective for any service team. But is it with your copier service provider? Are they giving you half the effort, with twice the onsite visits? 

7. "We put customers in front of profits."

Whose profits do they mean, exactly? Their own? Or Yours? 

Have your own profits suffered (because of downtime) in the meantime? How motivated - or incentivized is the service tech that visits your office? 

8. "I know the invoice is wrong again, but just ignore the past-due notice."

Ignore what? The frustration? Or the fact that this has happened multiple times? 

Invoices in their own right can be a headache: impossible to read and exhausting to decipher. But if it ain't right, it ain't right. 

9. “I’m sorry you’re still having that issue. Have you visited our online help desk?”

We often wonder ... is this just a strategic way to get you off the phone?

Solid phone support is one thing. But what customer wouldn't appreciate the opportunity to sit down one-on-one on a regular basis to review service performance?

10. "We appreciate your service feedback. It’s very important to us."

They said it. Did you believe it? More importantly, did ANYTHING come of it?

Actionable Feedback is a must to fill the gaps of customer support. Does your provider follow up a service call with a survey? If so, great. The bigger question is: Does the feedback lead to actions? In other words, how quickly are those surveys reviewed, responded to, and acted on internally?

So, how do you avoid hearing such clichés over and over again? Our eBook, "10 Factors of a Fanatical Copier Service Experience" is intended for anyone who remains frustrated by the level of copier service they've come to expect, and would like insights on identifying the service factors that can turn them fanatical. Start your journey from frustrating to fanatical by downloading it today (link above in blog)! 

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