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3 Reasons Print Management Should Be Included In Your School's Technology Plan

Datamax K-12 Print Management

A Print Management engagement effectively uncovers the processes behind the print, to keep your fleet under control and cost-effective.

As we near the end of an unprecedented year for K-12 schools, administrators are faced with any number of tough questions heading towards the fall. Among them:

  • What does Fall 2020 on campus LOOK LIKE?
  • Given the circumstances, what are the board’s mission and goals moving forward?
  • Does a specific spend or initiative support those missions?
  • In lean times, where can cost-cutting occur that doesn’t impact student experience?

Whether it’s asking parents to pony up for extracurricular activities, or eliminating ancillary positions, the cost-cutting question, during uncertain times, arises. But has your district taken a hard look at print — what’s wasteful, what’s unnecessary, and what’s unproductive?

According to the American Federation of Teachers, at least 40 percent of the typical school waste stream is paper (the largest single component of all school waste). Have you thought beyond the devices themselves, and considered the behavior that leads to unsavory printing habits (IE: wasteful, non-school related printing or unclaimed documents that end up in the trash), unnecessary related costs, and tangled, unproductive document processes?

A Print Management engagement effectively uncovers the processes behind the print, to keep your fleet under control and cost-effective.

3 Reasons Print Management Should Be Part Of Your School’s Technology Plan:

1. It eliminates wasteful habits.

Are your staff and students on their best behavior when it comes to printing necessary school documents? The evidence of such could be in plain sight – paper piling up on copiers or spilling over recycle bins.

According to one case study, Little Rock School District, after only 14 months with a print management solution, saved over a million pages (110 trees) and accrued more than $10,000 in unreleased paper savings.

Implementing print policies such as double sided printing, color restrictions, print job authorization, budgets, feature restrictions and job routing to print rooms or a cheaper device reduces costs and keeps everyone on campus on their best print behavior.

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2. It helps ensure security standards are met.

Educational institutions of all sizes and levels are required to store student grades, financial aid information, health records, payroll info and employee reviews. Secure printing features mean print jobs are held in the user’s personal secure print queue until they are released so those records stay secure. This also complies with FERPA law in the US.

3. It generates student/teacher satisfaction – and productivity.

Classroom tools continue to evolve every day – has your school adapted?

Students and teachers are both printing from their own devices. Chromebooks are a staple on campuses nation-wide. Meanwhile, accounting departments utilize a variety of document-based workflows to conduct everyday tasks.

With the right document processes, staff can scan documents directly from their MFPs and scanners into relevant, customized workflow processes. With remote printing capabilities, your users can leverage their compatible smartphones or tablets to submit and release their print jobs in a managed setting.

Teachers and students alike value a modern learning environment which is convenient, secure and, ultimately, adaptable.

As administrators begin strategic planning for the approaching school year, managing a student-friendly and yet cost-effective environment is universally pursued. Doing some homework on their own print environment should certainly be part of the conversation. 

Ready to start your homework? You can begin by reading our eBook,  "K-12 Print Management: 12 Relevant Capabilities & Cost-saving Controls" to learn more about managing necessary print and maximizing necessary budgets. Download it by clicking below!

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