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3 Reasons We're 'Sky High' on the Océ Colorado Wide Format Printer

Colorado wide format production print

In a diversifying market, printers need the flexibility to let their imaginations run wild. With this series, there are seemingly no limits – indoors or outdoors.

Headlining Colorado’s majestic landscape is the 58 peaks that exceed 14,000 feet – the 14ers. Nothing competes with the sky-high views atop a 14er, the widely-stretched natural landscape beneath you … all for the taking.

The commercial print industry, as it continues to diversify its products and services, is met with increasingly elevated demand. Print is changing – applications are widening well beyond the scope of traditional “print.” Vehicle graphics, perforated graphics, high-rise building displays, even packaging: Printers must explore and embrace new market opportunities for both existing and, perhaps more importantly, new customer bases.

Oh, and clients expect it done today. Literally. According to an InfoTrends study, up to 61 percent of all jobs are to be turned around in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, print quality is the number one criteria for those purchasing a wide format. Exceptional speed must be met with superior quality.

It’s a tough mountain to climb for commercial printers. But with the right technologies at their disposal, it’s all for the taking.  The Océ Colorado, powered by its signature UVgel ink technology, introduces a new summit for production and commercial print capabilities.

3 Reasons We’re Sky High on the Océ Colorado:

1. The Technology is Game-Changing.

At the core of the Océ Colorado Series of printers is its signature Canon UVgel technology. The gel droplets, when heated, liquefy until they make contact with the media; from there, they return to their original state and instantly "gel" to the media. This results in precise dot gain and positional control, perfectly repeatable images and instantly cured, durable prints.

Essentially, once through the machine, the print is instantly dry, instantly scratch proof and UV resistant.

A few other advantages of this game-changing UVgel technology:

  • Low-odor prints, important for indoor usage
  • No drying time
  • High printing speeds
  • Low temperature, low energy,
  • UV LED curing enables use of heat-sensitive media

2. The Creative Possibilities are Wider than Ever for Printers.

The Colorado supports even the wildest of creative imaginations.

In a diversifying market, printers need the flexibility to let their imaginations run wild. With this series, there are seemingly no limits – indoors or outdoors.

Consider these applications as just a few examples:

  • Deep Matte Designer Wallpaper - The highest quality wallpaper has a deep matte finish. With Océ FLXfinish technology, you can increase the perceived value of your wall decoration with the push of a button.
  • Neatly Folded Canvas Prints - Produce gallery-quality canvas prints with perfect creases thanks to the elasticity of the Océ Colorado 1650 printer’s UVgel inks.
  • Eye-catching Front-lits and Back-lits - Stop passersby in their tracks with vibrant front-lit or back-lit displays. Canon UVgel technology offers rich colors, elegant matte, and great blocking power.
  • Stunning Double-sided Banners - Help lower your operational costs and increase your margins with accurate and easy to produce double-sided banners, for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Jaw-Dropping POP Posters - Nothing draws attention like a huge poster print. Single-sided, double-sided, it is all possible with the Océ Colorado series. And with the scratch-resistant UVgel finish, these are investments that last and last.

3. It Conquers Today’s Challenges inside the Production Room.

Consider these capabilities:

  • The new Océ Colorado boasts a top speed of 1,709 square feet per hour and POP printing at 430 square feet per hour – faster than any competing system in this segment, according to Canon.
  • The low-temperature LED-UV curing system moves independently from the printing carriage, enabling uniform post-print UV curing that further contributes to print speed and print quality.
  • Unattended printing, automated quality assurance, unattended roll changes, and reduced print waste also contribute to overall productivity.
  • The UVgel technology allows for more finished jobs from a simple printer without increasing staffing costs. It reduces ink consumption by a staggering 40 percent, since acoustic nozzle testing uses no ink at all.
  • Low heat of UVgel printing process means you can always choose the most cost effective media type.  The gel droplets remain stable on the media, with minimal dot gain, making it possible to deposit more ink in fewer passes. The result is more efficient ink usage.

Do you feel the burn from elevated pressure and demands from the clients you service? Are you ready to reach a higher peak in efficiency, productivity in creative potential? It’s all for the taking!

If you’d like to learn more about the Océ Colorado, along with Datamax’s full line of Canon & Océ Wide format printer series, schedule your production print assessment today!

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