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6 Ways Your Old Copier Could Be Telling You 'It's Time'


Whether it’s diminishing quality, limited functionalities, or the simple inability to find the right parts, there are certain signs that the office copier needs to be replaced.

Suffice it to say, your employees and your office copier develop a unique, oft-love-hate relationship over time.

From that glimmering first impression as the new device rolls into the office for the first time, to the frustrations with the inevitable paper jams, the employee and the device spend a lot of time together day in and out at the office, developing genuine familiarity. As a core hub for workflow functions, the copier is the consummate multi-tasker by printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and finishing to help move tasks forward in a routine manner.

Suffice it to say, it’s not always clear when it’s time to move on.

Whether it’s diminishing quality, limited functionalities, or the simple inability to find the right parts, there are certain signs that the office copier may be on the declining end of its lifespan. In the spirit of helping you maximize your return on technology investment, we’ve outlined 6 ways that your copier may be trying to tell you something… that it’s time to move on.

6 Ways Your Old Copier Could be Telling You 'It's Time.'

1. It’s experiencing frequent breakdowns:

Has your technician been out a little more often lately? If your copier requires frequent repairs and is not functioning reliably, productivity will suffer. It may be more cost-effective to invest in a new one.

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2. Performance is generally reduced.

Maybe you’ve noticed the copier's print quality is declining or it's slowing down significantly. But when it is performance isn’t meeting the demand then it may be time to move on. Remember that if you’re producing x-amount of copies a month, and your copier is running a few seconds slower per copy, the time adds up exponentially.

3. Security protocols aren’t met.

Information moved from your computer network to your MFP is often confidential. When your older copier doesn’t offer the newest security protocols installed, your data is vulnerable. For more about office equipment/MFP security, click here.

4. Today's technology has passed it by.

Like any office, your technology needs change over time. Meanwhile, new, capabilities and features are released on a regular basis by manufacturers (often standard ones) that simply make your work easier. If your copier lacks what you consider essential features today, or is not compatible with modern office systems, it may be time to consider a more advanced model.

5. Getting parts is a wild goose chase.

If you can’t get the part, you can’t fix the device. This becomes a near worst-case scenario for owners of office equipment that’s 10+ years old. It’s not that your technicians don’t like working on older machines.  At some point, manufacturers stop making certain parts (typically 7 years or so), and technicians are forced to look for after-market varieties or scour previously-stripped machines for the right part at the aforementioned boneyard. Eventually, it just becomes impossible to find.

6. Maintenance costs are on the rise.

If the cost of maintaining your copier is becoming increasingly expensive, it could be a sign that a new copier would be a better investment. Often, we've seen scenarios where organizations spend more on service charges associated with an antiquated machine than they would on a lease payment on a new device.

The best way to take the next step in assessing the viability of your copier or printer, and your ultimate return on technology investment is to start a conversation with a trusted specialist. Our team is ready to talk budget, benefits of upgrades, and specific needs you may have to help streamline workflows and work smarter. Click below to schedule your visit with a Datamax Technology Specialist! 

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